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My story continues...

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Posted 13th August 2014 at 12:24 AM by Robert X

Hey all,, Welcome my Warrior friends!

I want to take a moment and thank you for checking me out. Friend me or whatever we're supposed to do here. Anyways, I've recently unsubscribed from every email list because they are all bullshit. Get off of lists or you will be chasing the dream... forever. They'll just have you believing that this next "new" product will be the answer to all your money woe's. Oh wait,, no,, this NEXT product will be the answer,,, No wait,, I'm sorry,, it's "THIS" product that will be the answer to your dreams,, and on, and on....

Sound familiar? Yeah, me too. But thankfully, I realised that I was on the right path when I started 10 years ago. I actually had the way to automated money way back then but I blew it off to chase all these other "new methods". I had it from the start and didn't see it... till a few months ago. The beginning of 2014 in January. I realised that I had the automated way to making money in about 2005 or so. But I didn't like it because I had to do "some" actual work to get it, and I believed what the "Guru's" told me in emails,, that I didn't have to do anything!

Well, I was building those small affiliate review sites way back then and was making sales automatically! It was great, now that I think about it. But, I had it in my head that I can do it faster with less work. You know, what all those emails tell you from all those lists you're on. And I could do it with the "new' method. So I stopped the website building and chased every way possible to make money online with varying success. But, I'm dropping it all, even my $595 per sale mobile website business, (although I'm gonna keep the residual income from it) but I'm going back to the basics.The beginning, where I generated income on autopilot by building these websites.

It's the ULTIMATE DREAM of every marketer out there. To make money automatically and live the Internet Rockstar lifestyle. I have come to realise, with a lot of studying with Google's own top guys, and "The Harvard Marketers", and webinars with the top marketers of all time, that there is a way to do what I was doing WAY better. Way, way, better. I'm talking with complete market or niche domination if done the way these truly underground marketers do it. Did you know that the real, true marketers that DOMINATE the web, never show you how they do it... never... would you? Exactly.

But, in my quest and unrelentless search to find the "best" way to make automated money online once again, I had uncovered a group of people that have a similar system to mine, (which I learned from George Brown) Only they freakin' crush any market they choose. They do it with total domination and total authority. I discovered, and I truly did stumble upon this group ( I know, I think it sounds like BS when I say it too) but, it just shows you what can happen when you really really dig deep when researching something. They rarely sell their system and it really doesn't matter 'cause it's super expensive.($1000 per mo +. or you can get a $2G discount if you pay $10g's all at once, per yr.) These people make the so called "Guru's" on the forum and everywhere else look like small time little crooks. These are the REAL top marketers of this day and age. Some are ex- Google employees that are the best SEO and website guys on the planet. They know exactly how to crush it online. One reason they don't sell "How we do it" products is they are too busy using their system themselves. That's what a true marketer crushing it would do... wouldn't you agree?

Anyway, I've been let through the gates and studied, (and am still studying) under the greatest marketers the world has ever seen. I've been learning how to dominate any niche by building very specific types of websites. The ones that sit on top of Google without ever having to worry about slaps, or kicks, or hair pulling, or anything by the big G. I've learned what it takes to have Google smile upon your site, to know the 200 rules that Google has for ranking websites. This has gone way beyond anything I have ever seen on the forum and FAR beyond any "product" I have seen on the Warrior Forum or anywhere for that matter.

So what am I getting at. Well, I'm going to start helping others see the light and get away from "chasing" the dream and start "living" the dream. I want to help you. Why you ask? Because, I know that if I can show you the things that I know, and help you get results, you may actually buy my products, if and when I ever decide to build any. Shoot, like I said, the group I learn from is too busy using the system themselves and I plan to be too busy myself making money for me! But, I love the forum friends and have learned a lot here,, so,, why not help.

So, I'll be putting up some videos very soon, and I'll email notices out to anyone who signs up. All for free,, so don't think I'll be bombarding you with emails like all these bullshit marketers do. They don't make legit money, they only make bullshit money off you being on their treadmill. So stop the madness and get off and get on the right path. It's actual work so if you don't wanna work,, this may not be for you,, in fact, success is not for you. Have you ever had anyone say "I'm successful because I don't do anything"? Successful people work their asses off. So get that through your thick ass head. There is NO magical system that will pay you money for doing nothing. If there was and I knew about it,, I sure as hell wouldn't tell YOU about it. So be prepared to learn "HOW" to work to make automated money online.

I'm Robert Cottom, and thanks for reading.
The Google Rockstar

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