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SEO is your #1 Discovery Source. Ignoring SEO Can Cost You A Fortune

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Posted 28th January 2015 at 10:37 PM by rockstaradi

People these days are focusing more and more on digital marketing. However, people are not focusing much on SEO since it takes time and consistent effort to produce results. Ignoring SEO cuts out an important channel for your prospects to discover you. In turn, this can cost you a lot. I recently did a blog post on the topic, explaining the importance of SEO in every digital marketing campaign. Here is an excerpt from it -

The aim of digital marketing is to translate prospects into customers. It is not about numbers – number of positive reviews out there, number of followers, number of likes, etc. The one and the only thing that counts is ROI and that is to be achieved only when you you convert prospects into customers. This is done by using the language the prospects are using and by answering the questions they are asking. This is only possible by SEO.

When you SEO your website to answer queries that potential customers are searching, you are sure to get their interest and convert them into a customer. Buyers use a two-step process for deciding what company they want to buy from. These processes are, as well call it, the following two -

Discovery – the act of discovering the potential businesses that a buyer would want to buy from. This is could be paid (PPC) or organic (search engines).

Verification – the act of verifying a business’s credibility to make the final purchase decision. This is done by seeing what other are saying about a business on local directories, forums and social media.

Search engines are the #1 discovery tool for local businesses and companies. Imagine if you are looking to find a carpet cleaner in Seattle, Washington. Would you go to Facebook and look for Seattle carpet cleaners with good cover-page or just do a Google search for it. Chances are 9/10 people would hit a search engine than any other website. If you are not there where people are looking to find you, you are losing a big deal. Despite having tons of social media followers and reviews in local websites, you are unseen by the clients searching for you just because you ignored SEO and missed out on the Discovery phase.
Read the full article here - Don't Ignore SEO In Your Digital Marketing Campaign | CrunchSEO
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