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How to keep your list listening…

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Posted 26th December 2013 at 12:17 PM by Ron Killian

Before I get started, just a reminder, if you have trouble writing email messages or your just not sure how to get started or what to write, I have a nice growing collection of pre-written Autoresponder Messages for you here:

PLR Autoresponder Messages

They are pretty much copy and paste, no writing required. Easy Peasy.

Today I am going to talk about some simple and easy ways to keep your subscribers opening and reading your emails.

Here we go...

If you offer a one time download gift to gain subscribers, what reason do they have to stay on your list? They got what they wanted.

What if, instead of giving them the download, if you instead, gave them the content a piece at a time? Say a chapter per email? An article per email?

You've seen it before, something like, “7 Part E-Course”.

Why do you think marketers use this tactic?

Keeps your subscribers on the hook, keeps them reading and even looking forward to your next mailing.

The other beauty of a multi-part course is, and don’t forget this… in each mail you can put in a “hook”, tease them as to what’s coming next, so they WANT to read the next part.

Do it right and they might be in that… Can’t wait for it state.

You could also use curiosity within your hook, for even better response.

Another ways to keep them reading…

Create emails that are interesting! I am no email marketing expert, but I know as a subscriber myself, I look forward to marketers that make it fun to read what they send. Far too many are blah, blah, blah, buy this, buy that, just boring.

Be it entertaining or funny, just be interesting!

The best way to be interesting is to be yourself. It’s more natural as well.

Just as important, you can keep your subscribers on the line by giving them useable content!

Maybe it’s just me, seems most of the lists I get on these days, it’s all sell, sell sell. I understand we are all here to make money, totally get it, but at least give me something I can use once in a while.

Some of the Guru’s will tell you they get the most from pushing subscribers with offer after offer. They don’t tell you that they also have huge lists and have a constant influx of new subscribers. They can afford to lose a few here and there.

The other thing many don’t want to admit that, just because they haven’t unsubscribed, doesn't mean they are still reading. You could have a list of 100k, but if few are opening your email, well, you can guess the rest.

For those of us who work hard for every digit of our list count, we have to be careful, do what we can to keep every one of them opening everything we send. We don’t all have a big list to burn through.
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