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The Psychology of Persuading People to Purchase Products - The Beginning

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Posted 13th May 2009 at 08:32 AM by Seductive Marketing

[LEFT]Back in the days, as a marketing manager at a “Fortune 100” company, I used to think (like many people) that marketing and sales are just a numbers game. My thoughts were embarrassingly simplistic: It's all in the product and if you apply the right marketing mix, then the more money and effort you spend the more buyers you will attract. [/LEFT]

[CENTER][B]But over time I realized that I was wrong and things don’t work that way ... [/B][/CENTER]

[LEFT]Here’s what I discovered: Although I had followed religiously the traditional marketing strategies, spending a small fortune in promoting the 4 P’s, the 6 P's, applying the AIDA, other formulas and “Crossing the Chasm”, many times the successes were just modest if not disappointing. Sometimes buyers just didn’t want to buy the product. But then other times, very rarely, buyers would almost kill themselves to get their hands on a product. And that’s when I started to wonder: [/LEFT]

[CENTER][B]How does this happen? [/B]
[B]Is there more to it than conventional marketing can teach you? [/B][/CENTER]

So for the next two decades, I went on a mission to find out what makes people buy. I began to study every marketing method, formula and theory under the sun and diving deep into the buyer’s psychology. I went deep into neuro-linguistic programming and picked the minds of the world’s best marketers and gurus. And every time I did a marketing campaign I set up a test and watched what would happen. I was tracking every buyer’s behavior and reaction meticulously. And test after test I was getting closer to either confirm or destroy a marketing theory merely based on the cold hard facts of the real world.

My goal was twofold and simple: first to identify the exact sequence of emotional states a buyer typically experiences before he buys a product. And second to find out which weapon of influence is most effective to move a buyer from one emotional state to the next – closer towards a positive buying decision.

One day, after long discussions with a mastermind group of truly experienced marketer fellows, it began to all make sense. All the pieces of the puzzle came together and I felt like I finally was on the verge to discover the “holy grail”: A psychological model and method that’s united all the key pieces, so ingeniously simple and potent to convert leads into profit and so infallible effective and consistent, that you can effectively persuade people into purchasing your products.

Today I'm at the most exciting part of the journey: I'm working with a team of talented individuals who share this passion to discover the irresistle marketing power behind the most profitable campaigns in marketing history.
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    Nice stuff. Thank you for sharing.
    Posted 13th May 2009 at 12:44 PM by marsummers marsummers is offline

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