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I need to find a way to make money

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Posted 21st March 2009 at 03:48 PM by shottwice

I was in a car accident in 1987 and so far I have been through 31 surgeries and I am completely disabled and I have to have both my knees replaced and also my right hip. from 2008 I have had 5 surgeries.
As of right now I have not worked since 2004 and also from my disabilities my wife divorced me and raided my ira account and left me with $3000 and also when I went into the hospital for 7 days after one of my surgeries I came home to an empty house, while I was in the hospital her parents and her had a estate sale so when I came home all my possessions were gone she sold every thing I had.
I am on disability from one of the big three car manufacturers were I made good money but now since I;m totally disabled they have cut my pay by 70% and as you can imagine I am in rough shape. The accident ruined both my legs my right hip and lower back, it has been hard over the past few years trying to survive and pay my bills, just from my medical bills even though I do have insurance I am to the point of being completely broke.
I have a College degree and also I have been an Electrician for 35 years which while I was working for 1 of the big 3 I put myself through college to get my degree and also my journeyman's card for being an electrician.
So just from that you all should know that I was not a slacker, I used to work 2 jobs to support my family now its hard to buy food and close and pay the rent. I hope you don't take this as if I'm begging because I have never begged for anything in my life and it has shamed me to even right this note because I have been scammed before because I have a big heart I used to do free electrical jobs because I knew the family had no money and I was proud of my self for being in that position to help them.
I am broke and need help I have done everything that I could to remedy this problem but there has been no agency out there that would help me. I am not looking for any thing for free. I saw on this web site that there were way to make money from my computer and if that is true it would be a blessing for me if I could get involved with some thing that I could do to make money so I don't have to beg my way out of this terrible situation that I am in.
At one time I was even a supervisor for General Motors so I am not a under educated person I can do almost any thing there is except the jobs I can't do because of my medical problems.
So if you could help me I sure would be indebted to you for the rest of my life. I didn't ask to be born like this but that's the hand I was dealt and I don't sit around and feel sorry for my self its just as of now I really need help. Please forgive me if it sounds like I'm begging but believe me I'm not. I would like to spend the rest of my life doing some thing that would help out our society or if there is a job out there for some one like me. The biggest fear I have is being homeless and it scares me everyday now. I served my Country through some rough times and still I don't think I'm owed any thing for that. I knew our country was at war and I joined to defend our freedoms and if I was in better health I would go again.
Thank you for reading this and I hope the best for you because of all that has happened to me I am still a happy man.

Yours Truly Ed
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