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Raising Conversion - an Overview

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Posted 28th December 2014 at 01:40 AM by sjohnsonhq
Updated 28th December 2014 at 02:09 AM by sjohnsonhq (Adding elements)

80% of Your Results Come from 20% of Your Work...

In my 15+ years online I feel as if most big SEO firms are going the way of "confuse and conquer" to easily cajole mentally teetering clients into their funnels. Even though SEO can be a complex discussion, the basic elements are the same.

Most SEO'ers talk about what's in the 80% and not the 20% (the part that actually delivers). The 20% is 80% of what you need to rank high and even hit page one (I should know). For a great video on how you can improve your rank by adjusting things 'on' your site click here if you are on a mobile device right now.

Besides tossing your clients a curve ball at every bend in the road to tap their balance does not normally engender repeat business (well NOT the kind I want). Building long term relationships with clients is one of the most important things you can ever do.

Big Pie - Smaller Pieces...

Normally when we are sold something we are sold a smaller piece of a larger pie. That is to say most products are 'piece-mealed' out all day long to a weary bunch of internet newbies who have "complaining on the braining". They can do charge backs, they can blow up your phone, they can threaten you with litigious puffery, and then they can vanish into a luminous cloud of ether never to return again.

I mean if you give someone the task of deciding whether they are being ripped off or not when you didn't return their call, they will pull the "Rip Off" lever every time.

That sucks. I suppose some Im'ers are groomed for this type of biz and I know I've had my fair share of 'crunchy clients' that wanted to be heard but weren't willing to listen. But when you know their favorite football team, their dogs name, or what they did last weekend it builds trust and increases the amount of money they want to spend with you.

With technology growing at the current staggering rate, giving the whole pie away is about the same as giving out a slice now. Something new will pop up tomorrow and you'll end up re-vamping anyway. Give them the whole pie. Overdeliver.

You never saw a refund rate go down that fast.

Pocketbook Goggles

Too many times I've seen folks go for the pocketbook (with blinders on). Remember, the person holding that pocketbook is trusting you to come through for them and improve the quality of their life in the category they hired you for.

If they detect grabbiness, see ya. If you focus on the relationship then they will be forced to bring the conversation into a discussion about their needs with your specialty. Now, if THEY recommend that you "get down to business" with them then it's a closer right there. This is of course best demonstrated over the phone, but I think you get it. You just made them force you to talk to them about your business.

I Hate my Clients!

Some IM'ers I talk to HATE their clients. They say "This crazy m&*%^er won't leave me alone", and "My customers just want to make life tough for me" etc.

My own take on why folks do this is because in most cases you didn't bother to take an interest in them and so they are left to judge you empirically/objectively (on the outside) and not subjectively (inside). This is like trying to figure out if some has AIDs or not by reading about them (never meeting them). It's a hard call. And if you are not shaking hands over the phone in some way and establishing some type of commonality forget all the pitch methods and tactics...they won't work.

They don't know you because you never let them know you. This is called leaving HUGE STACKS of money on the table. Get to know your clients, or keep a bag of painkillers near your PC (for your headaches)

Don't Hide....Bad Move

If you are looking to get your conversions to go up, start thinking of helping people get what they want (even if its small conversation) and this way you'll get what you want too. You'd be surprised how much people will pay for someone who doesn't bs them, listens to their problems (just a little), and delivers on their promise.

I was pleasantly surprised myself.

Take care everyone and happy holidays, Stu

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