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Submit "AUTOBLOGGING" to Facebook
Posted 12th June 2010 at 07:35 AM by skatir


In today’s world people love to express what they feel through the medium of internet where we have different types of sources to share our views and blogging is one of them.Autoblogging(as the name suggests itself) is a term that is used to describe automated blogs and automated bloggings.There are so many blogs in the world wide web today.So the blogger needs to be on his toes everytime as far as the quality and uniqueness of the blogs is concerned.To do that the blogger needs to understand the premises that are used in Autoblogging.

Since Autoblogging is a technique to prepare content for a blog automatically.So firstly we must learn the steps involved in preparing content through this technique.A blogger use some automated tools to get content for his blog.Now this is the first step involved.The blogger needs to have a good mindset to approach the best autoblogging tool.

Now we need to understand the functionality of automated tool(how it works).
It uses the technology named RSS (Read Simple Syndication) Feeds that is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated work.

Most of the people use the same RSS feed and the content and uniqueness of the post gets lowered.They grab RSS feeds from news sites,PR sites and blog listings like Google’s Blogsearch.It will be harsh to say that it doesn’t work very well but still its true. RSS is a fully developed technology now and surprisingly you will find that even forums ,directories, regular websites and online groups have their own RSS feeds. Now if a blogger really wants to use these feeds he really should have a concept build in his mind to use these feeds.

Besides using RSS feeds, there are some other alternatives that a blogger can go through and articles are one of them .Articles are also a very good way of adding content to your blogs. Though its very time consuming unless you are not doing this automatically, the amount of time spent copying articles and pasting them into your particular blog may not be your worth time. So that is a drawback of using articles as it is more time consuming

There is another autoblogging technique that is using data feeds from affiliate networks and posting them into your particular blog posts including your affiliate ID. Unlike using the RSS feeds people really don’t get annoyed when some blogger do stuff like this.

As we have discussed the techniques that can be used by an Autoblogger to put relevant and unique posts in his blog.Now lets discuss the Automating tools that can be used by an Autoblogger.

Firstly we have hosting. If you are autoblogging, one blog is not enough cause autoblooging is a technique that is complied by most of the bloggers having a number of blogs. So if you are using this you need to create and manage a handful of blogs at the same time. Therefore, you need some sort of reseller or VPS(Virtual Private Server) that can handle many domains and individual accounts for each blog.

Next comes the blogging platform. As far as autoblogging goes, nothing comes even close to Wordpress, an open-source blogging software that you can use on your own domains, and modify as you see fit.

One of the most important tools you'll need is an "RSS feed aggregator". An aggregator is the key to almost all autoblogging techniques, as most other applications like article posting and data feed posting requires it.

To expand your blog's traffic exponentially, you'll also need a language translator script installed on your autoblogs. Having this script will instantly multiply your traffic and earnings without any extra work on your part.

Lastly, you'll also need a social bookmarking script that automatically submits your new blog posts to social bookmarking sites like Submitting you posts to social bookmarking sites is still a good way to get your blogs indexed and ranked in the search engines.

Sign up for this. to help you blog in less time. It will actually put your blogs on autopilot! (In Hebrew: בניית אתר
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