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Creating Relationships Doesn't Mean You Have To Get Naked!

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Posted 24th March 2013 at 08:11 PM by Sophetti

When building a business online, the first building block in messaging via the internet is…building relationships. It’s critical that you build rock-solid relationships with your audience if you want to build a solid, stable business. Believe me…it’s really very simple.

For most village, or small-niche businesses, you have to figure, your audience wants to get to know you…someone they can relate to! In building these relationships, you really have to put yourself out there. Be yourself! You might not want to strip naked; but, maybe take your coat and shoes off. Don’t spew out everything, about yourself, that comes to mind. Share your personal details with care. You want to create a loyal following. One that respects who you are, where you came from, and where you’re going.

I’m a real person. I face real challenges and great successes. I feel that I can share these with my followers. Why? Because, for most, they can relate to what I am saying, therefore, I engage my readers. We’ve all been in each other’s shoes to some degree or another…or know of someone that has been in that particular situation. I share things that are down to earth and authentic. That’s who I am. I care! I don’t believe in fake! And…if I can help someone…even just a little bit…then making that connection, through my experience, deepens that relationship. I love that! Wouldn’t you?!

Since I started my business, I have made the most remarkable connections. I’ve built relationships with people from all over the world…France, Germany, Africa, Turkey, Denmark, Italy, UK, Portugal, Argentina, Japan, India, Australia, and all over the US…and that’s not everyone! I have, truly, enjoyed conversing with everyone and getting to know people and their own way of doing business. Even though we seem worlds apart, we all share a similar vision and everyone is, truly, willing to help one another in their success.

I’m looking forward to building more of these types of relationships everyday. Connecting with people has been the most fun part of growing my business. It’s really been so natural and effortless and, truly, enjoyable. Relationships are the backbone of your business. We are ONE…no matter where we are.

My best always,

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