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[Method] Content for Your Linkbuilding Efforts

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Posted 2nd March 2012 at 05:18 PM by SpiderZq

I am certain that the method has been discussed before and it will be discussed again elsewhere. The method I have been using for well over a year now for getting new content for your level 2 and 3 tiers is embarrassingly simple.

Two words: Article Directories.

I've owned a simple article directory for 1.5 years and articles get dumped into my site daily with no effort on my part. I get articles in every conceivable niche and from every part of the world. Name the category I can easily get a dozen articles in that category in a week. Now, the quality of the articles are okay for your upper tiers in a backlinking pyramid because let's face it, many of the articles don't read well. And I'm being generous with that assessment. However, I've found that with a little tender loving care before you spin them even further, you can have an abundance of articles for your Web 2.0 properties. In other words, clean them up a bit, take out the urls, and you'll be golden. Again, they probably shouldn't be used for your Tier 1 properties nor is the quality good enough for your Money site, but if you need content that is "good enough," then this is the answer.

Plus by reviewing the content of the articles, I get to see which niches are popular. Not a biggie for me but it may be for others.

There are a number of scripts and plugins out there for your standard Wordpress blog. (As a sidenote, if you wanted and had some extra dough laying around, you could probably sell a custom article directory script with because the scripts that are free are, well, not the greatest). They do serve a purpose.

I will give you the names of the tools I've used and from there it's a matter of getting it all set up.

Article Directory theme 1.6.1 by Dimox
Article Directory plugin
UAW plugin for Unique Article Wizard articles

Now, is it more complicated than this? Yes, but not much. By that I mean you need to get the domain, set up hosting for it, then install the themes and plugins. After you get it setup, though, it's hands off. Wait for the articles to flow in.

I chose a good domain name (prettygoodarticles dot com) and it's served me well. I go into it about once a month to update other plugins like backup, sitemap, etc whatever needs updating. The UAW plugin alone sends hundreds of articles to your site daily and you can choose categories of articles to be sent.

I put Adsense on the site (and a hostgator banner) but I've not made much at all, perhaps enough to pay for the domain and some hosting. I did have a Twitter connection (and got much more traffic) but with so many articles being dumped, it was causing errors after a few days each time so I just gave up on it. Monetizing the site is not at all necessary because the greater purpose of getting a ton of free articles is what I'm after here.

I could get more articles from individual authors but one of my settings is hosed. It allows an author to register but they can't submit articles because the authors can't log in for some reason. In fact I a lot of authors with zero posts because of that. I spent a few hours trying to troubleshoot the issue but never got it resolved. Instead, the UAW articles come daily and I'm happy with that. If you did a little more research you could probably get other articles sent from automated sources, but I'm happy with the 30,000 articles at my disposal as it is.

There you have it. Not really that glamorous but effective.
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