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Attraction Marketing – How To Attract Customers

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Posted 29th August 2013 at 10:11 PM by srbilles

Did you know that approx. 97% of home business owners struggle with how to attract customers?

And I’m sure you are aware that the top earners in the home business, network marketing or online marketing industry didn’t get where they are by chasing friends and family all over the country-side trying to get them to join their business or buy their products.

Instead, they applied the concept of “ATTRACTION MARKETING” to attract their customers and business prospects.

So for the next little bit I want to dig a bit deeper on the subject matter so that you have a complete and comprehensive idea on why the top earners do what they do…


NEWSFLASH: you have 2 Target Markets that are in PAIN:

1) Current Home Based Business Owners
2) People Actively Looking To Get Involved In a Home Based Business

And for the most part neither group cares too much about your business, or how great your product is, or how great a track record your company has.

Many of your BEST prospects already have a business… and 97 out of 100 that you speak to are losing more money than they’re making! (THEY ARE IN IMMENSE PAIN!)

So what is it that THESE prospects are REALLY looking for?

*** ALL they want (initially) is to understand how to MARKET their business so they can attract customers and turn some profit FAST and stop being broke, period. (THE PAINKILLER)

People want to find a real LEADER who can actually show them exactly how to overcome their challenges and get results, and/or a system they feel they can benefit from to get more leads and cash for their business.

Those are the ONLY 2 reasons people are going to join you… and this is what attraction marketing is all about…

So you need to become a real leader and/or you must have a SYSTEM these people can follow to get results in THEIR business.

And when you do this, your prospects will then begin to KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST YOU…

And my friend, when that happens, the magical flood gates open wide and people start buying your services, products, and opportunity from YOU more effortlessly than you can ever imagine.

When you know how to do BOTH of those things… people will literally be sucked to you like you’re a marketing magnet.

When you know the skill-sets we teach in our community and on my team… you have serious advantages over 99.9% of the other marketers out there…

There literally is ZERO competition.
Attraction marketing, (a.k.a. “how to attract customers”) is pretty simple when you think about it – JUST GIVE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT!

Steve Billesberger
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