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I know that not many people actually use their WF blog.

And for me I'm personally not sure how much I'm really going to use it. Right now I'm just going to test a few things out and see what happens.

If it looks like people are using it and things are working out with it then I'll continue posting to it.
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Using Google To Crush It On Amazon

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Posted 8th May 2014 at 04:04 PM by StanHyeck

This report entails you starting a business selling physical products on amazon. Acording to the US FTC starting a business entails significant risk of loss and you could lose some or all of any investment. Amazon does not sponsor, endorse, nor in anyway is affiliated with this product. Amazon is a registered trade mark of amazon, inc. Finally while I have attempted to make this report as accurate as possible that accuracy is in no way guaranteed.

Selling physical products on amazon has proven to be a huge goldmine. If you think about it, it only makes sense. When someone goes to amazon to look for something, they are looking to BUY something. It is the largest search engine of pure buyers in the world.

The thing is, it is perhaps only the 5th largest search engine in general.

Lots of people still do their searches for products on google, especially when they are still in research mode.

That means you can dramatically expand how much you can make selling on amazon by making sure that the products you sell have top rankings on google for relevant searches.

The good news is that amazon gets a pretty much instant ability to rank quickly because of the link strength it already has.

The bad news is that you still have to overcome the fact that other people selling the same products also have the same benefit. You not only need to rank well on google, you need to rank better than your competitors.

So how do you do that? How do you sell on amazon and gain that advantage, but then also get your products to rank well on google, giving you overwhelming advantage?

The answer is at once quite simple and quite complicated.

The simple answer is that you use Private Blog Networks (called PBNs) to create links to your products that then cause google to give you top ranking.

The issue is that building a PBN is something that a lot of people really screw up.

Building A Private Blog Network (or PBN)

A PBN is enormously powerful for for helping websites gain top search rankings.

The process of building a PBN is fairly simple.

The Basics Of The PBN

First, go to and find a domain that is at least 5 years old. Register the domain name, put the domain onto a fairly cheap hosting account (must be a different hosting than where the site is you want to rank).

Put on wordpress (more on the details here later), then load up at least three unique articles. Each article should target a different keyphrase and should link to the main site, and two other “properties” controlled by the main site, such as a youtube video and a google+ article or even whole account.

All you have to do is grab several of these domains, do the same thing with a unique article (doesn’t have to be high quality, but it should be unique and should NOT be “spun”).

It’s now simply a matter of creating several of these, each with separate link text that you want to rank for. With local terms (e.g. <city name> <search phrase>) you will probably only need 3 or 4 different sites like this at most to completely dominate the first page for a wide variety of search phrases.

For more competitive phrases, this is where the term “network” comes into play because it might take quite a few of these sites (15 to 20 or even more if the term is particularly competitive) to get a site to rank well.

However, lets analyze even a highly competitive term. It might cost $50 per domain when you factor in all costs to obtain a site from Even assuming you need to acquire 20 of these sites you’re looking at a total cost of $1,000.

However for those highly competitive terms, those terms are competitive for a reason. You could easily earn $1,000 per day on a site needing such a large network. Further, you could then actually end up with multiple sites on the first page helping you to earn even more.

All Is Not Sunny In Phoenix
The problem however is that if you obtain the wrong sites to put into your PBN then you can actually harm your chances to get good rankings.

In other words a PBN is only effective when all of the domains in the network is a “good” domain.

So what’s a “good” domain for a PBN
Well, it boils down to some simple rules.

1) The domain must be a minimum of 5 years old, and older is better. Less than 5 years old and it’s not worth the effort at all.

2) No junk links. You only want sites with legitimate inbound links to it. If you see lots of links from blog comments or from forums then that’s a red flag. It’s better to have a site with 20 really good quality links than 1,000 junk links.

And that’s it.

The older the site is the better, and the higher quality the links it has the better. Now yes, a site with 50 high quality links is better than a site with 20 high quality links. However, if a site has garbage links, then you don’t want it in your network.

That does mean that it might take some time to fully build out a network and that’s a good thing.

When utilizing this strategy you only want to point a new link from a new PBN domain at most once a day, and once every three days to a week is even better. Google knows that it isn’t really natural for a site to just suddenly popup with a bunch of new links, so take your time.

Bring up a new PBN site, put an article on it that points to your main site. Then the next day point to maybe a youtube video that you own, then the next day maybe a google plus article on your own google plus profile, then the next day maybe point to your linkedin profile.

Then the day after that bring up a new PBN site with a new article and different link text and start all over again.

Remember each article whether on a current PBN or a new PBN should target slightly different keyphrase.

Intelligent Keyphrasing On Your PBN
Lets say that you want to rank for “investing in gold”. If every single link is different text then that means you’ll only have one link for “investing in gold” and it will only point to your main site.

That doesn’t sound like a terribly promising way of getting your main site to rank well for that phrase does it.

To make this happen what you do is “cluster” keyphrases very close to that one. Also, if you’re going to have 5 or more then you’ll want 20% of your links to your main site to duplicate the main keyphrase as anchor text (meaning you’ll repeat the phrase again).

In other words you might have: investing in gold, investing gold, gold investing, how to invest in gold, investing in gold strategies, investing in gold techniques, investing in gold methods, gold investing strategies, gold investing techniques, gold investing methods … etc (see what I’m doing)

Each one of those would be the anchor text of a link. This shows Google that there’s some variance in the anchor text but also that the text is all related. Not only that but the phrase “investing in gold methods” is very close to “investing in gold” and actually helps a site to rank well for that phrase also.

Live Example Of Building A PBN

Watch for my next blog post where I provide a live example of a PBN site
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