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Facebook Shortcuts and Some Things You Should Know!

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Posted 31st May 2011 at 12:11 PM by stma

Facebook is hot! One of the easiest ways to make some $$ fast with facebook is just setting up applications, running over to fiverr to get some action going and selling them.

I've flipped a number of applications over the past couple months while I was learning the FB API and how to program inside it. I had to navigate a few tricky areas and maybe it will help you.

You can flip a FB application to any FB user who has a developer account and is your friend.

When you set up your application it's tied to your developer account. To transfer it to a new user there are a couple steps.

1.) The person buying your application needs to create a developer account. And verify the developer account.

2.) You need to become friends with the person you are selling to.

3.) You log into the applications "about" page from the developers section of Facebook. You can now add them in as a developer, and then they can 'remove' you as the developer.

Here are a few more little tips to make your life easier.

In the very near future it appears that facebook is going to make it so you have to have SSL certs on all your domains. But when you are building an application to sell, you want to keep your costs down. Namecheap ( ) is a great solution to that.

Basically you can get a .info domain and a SSL cert for about 10 bucks. Then you are good to go!

There is a second part to that and it's a unique IP address for the domain. Usually a decent host will give you a IP address for about 2 dollars a month or less. If you tell them it's for a SSL certification it shouldn't be a problem. If you are on shared hosting you could have a problem though - so make sure you can get that IP address before you get the certification.

However, for right now you don't need to worry about SSL - it's not happening yet.

Now if you aren't a programmer it's a royal pain to make applications for facebook. Luckily for you there are a few things you can do to make life easier.

1.) Xsitepro:

If you have Xsitepro you can make applications with Xsitepro:

2.) FB Games (With rights). This is a fine buy for the price - not sure if I'd go for the follow up packages since you can tear it apart and do your own thing. It's a great time saver and gives you 35 applications you could put up for sale in a day.


Pages are different than applications - for example permissions aren't needed, but they lack the ability to automatically post to users walls for example. Pages would be a great way to promote a business, or a team.

If fanpages are your thing - I think Wordpress might be the easiest way to go. I ordered this a bit ago and I've used it for a few fan pages for my clients.

I still end up coding my own most of the time, but I keep coming back to Lujure and thinking what a great loss leader this would be if I had the time!


For those of you searching for tutorials and ideas, FB recently disabled FBML (facebook mark up language). That means there are a lot of tools, services, and posts out there that aren't valid anymore. Make sure anything you are looking at isn't dealing with FBML and you should be just fine!

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