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I Was Her 'Google'

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Posted 4th September 2014 at 10:26 PM by Terry Gunn

I Was Her ‘Google’

When I was Twelve (12) years of age, I met the girl of my dreams. I came home from that church camp that summer excited, motivated and determined that I was going to marry that girl! I told my parents and anyone else who would listen that I had found my soul mate. I made a crude sign out of an old piece of wood and some left over paint that my Dad hadn’t used and all it said was her name. I hung it on my wall.

Now, I admit that I was a bit immature at that camp and though I didn’t spend much time with her, I did get her attention a few times by honking the horn in the car as she walked by and a few other childish actions that didn’t gain much respect for me.

When I got home, I wrote to her. No answer. A year later, I wrote again. No answer. Over the course of the next seven years, I wrote to her numerous times. NO ANSWER!

Then one day, my whole world changed in an instant when the postman delivered a small envelope to our mailbox. My mother was the first to see it as she took it from the mailbox. She screamed so loudly that I just knew that something was wrong with her! I bolted up the stairs from my room in the basement to see what was going on and heard her yelling, “You got a letter! You got a letter! You got a letter!” She knew the history and was totally beside herself with joy for me.

I read the letter; it didn’t matter what it said, the fact was I had received a letter after all these years. Here’s what was interesting. She was coming to my city to attend college and had several questions, “How do I get to the Post Office from the College? How do I get to the mall from the college? How do I get to the church that I will be attending?” Now, this was REALLY exciting because I knew that she could find that information from anyone after she got to town! But she chose to ask ME! I was ‘Google’ to her before Google was ever thought of!

I will not leave you hanging; I met her, showed her around, and have been married to her for over 40 years!

But, here is what happened. She was moving to a strange town, and while she could have gotten information from almost anyone, she chose to get it from me because I had been sending correspondence for 7 years and she felt that she could trust me even though she had not answered any of her mail from me.

Why do marketers send emails day after day, month after month and maybe year after year? I think maybe we are seeing the answer! There comes a time when your subscribers need something specific and while they could run to Google and find that information, they most likely will contact the one who has been sending all those emails because they feel like they can trust the marketer who has stayed in contact for so long!

Email marketing is a funny thing. You never know when the subscriber who has never opened an email will suddenly be ready to buy something. And, of course, they know where to look! They look through the hundreds of unopened emails on their hard drive! It happens all the time. Just when you think, “What’s the use?” someone will contact you with a question and a dialog is started which may very well end with a sale of some type.

I hope this will inspire someone to build a list. I hope this will encourage you to keep mailing to your list and never give up on those subscribers. There are a lot of them who will NEVER buy anything, but you never know. Someone may decide that you are more trustworthy than Google and come to you seeking help.

There is an art to list building, but the ‘heart’ of list building is YOU! You can communicate with people like no one else can.

The HEART of List Building » YOU are at the heart of it all!

Terry Gunn
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