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How To Make Money Online [For Beginners]

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Posted 26th March 2016 at 11:00 AM by Tim Dini

Choosing Your Niche

The most important step you need to take is to decide what area of online opportunity is most beneficial to you.

Ask yourself these 4 questions:

Q. What are your desires?

Q. What skills do you have or can you acquire (or hire) that will help you build your online business?

Q. What makes you happy?

Q. What don’t you like?

Scheduling For Success

Every successful business (online or off) begins with a plan that includes time frames. An example for someone just starting out could be something like this:

Step 1: The first thing you need to know is what niches are available, then choose one niche to pursue.
Task: Find and build a list of all online opportunities.
Time Frame: 1 Day (or what ever fits your schedule)

It doesn’t matter how many opportunities you find. Once the scheduled time is reached, that’s it, that’s the list you will work with. Choose one niche from the list and move on.

Once you know the niche, you need to find an expert to help you in that niche.

Step 2: Who are the top experts in my niche?
Task: Research the experts and look for testimonials (due diligence).
Time Frame: 1 Day

By the end of this time frame you need to choose ONE expert to follow.

Step 3: Follow that ONE expert's advice.
Task: Whatever the expert recommends, follow it like your life depends upon it (your business life actually does).
Time Frame: Schedule the actual days and times of day you will dedicate to the experts plan. If the expert didn’t already do so, break the tasks down into manageable time slots.

Once you reach the end of a time slot, stop and move on the the next task. If an incomplete task is absolutely required before you can begin the next task (it rarely is), then you’ll have to re-adjust your entire schedule. This is a learning experience that will help you better manage your time frames going forward.


Don’t give up. Follow the plan laid out by your expert, and adjust your time frames along the way. In the end, you will learn that either the opportunity is not as good as you expected, or is about what you expected, or is better than you expected.

In any case you will have learned a whole lot more than you knew before trying.

If you quit, you’ll learn nothing.

By following a plan and keeping within the time frames, you won’t have time to be distracted by all the new shiny objects in your inbox (the newest, greatest, marketing opportunities). Good!

In fact, once you’ve chosen your expert, I recommend unsubscribing from ALL other marketing solicitations – including mine if I send one.

You won’t have the time to manage multiple opportunities, and the above time frame management will prove this to you very quickly.

Staying mono-focused on a single plan and following it through to success or failure is the smartest thing you can do with your time (and money).

Stick to the plan and you will either be successful or you will fail. It’s that simple.

If you’re successful, find ways to expand on your success. Congratulations!

If you fail, you’ve learned what doesn’t work (for you) for a reason. Now you’ll know what to avoid, how to avoid it, and how to set-up and manage a plan that teaches you these things. If that happens, congratulate yourself, and go back to step 1.


To your great success!
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