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Develop Gratitude and Appreciation

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Posted 24th November 2012 at 07:00 PM by tlangdon

Develop Gratitude And Appreciation In Your Life

Becoming a successful digital entrepreneur is filled with what may seem to be many complex, difficult and hard to understand activities. One of the most critical – also happens to be one of the easiest. Often times I am asked “What is the easiest way to be a successful entrepreneur?”. My answer is universally there is no one easy way to be a successful entrepreneur. Yet if I slightly altered that question and answer to What is the easiest thing to do to be a successful entrepreneur? My answer also and universally would be

Develop a grateful, appreciative and I will do attitude.

Today is the day that we celebrate Thanksgiving Day in United States. Today I’m going to discuss how to develop gratitude and appreciation – Develop an attitude of gratitude. I love how the two words gratitude and attitude naturally truly fit together. They rhyme and they give off the same energy vibration when you say them.

Physics 101 – Understand The Science To Develop Gratitude and Appreciation

Gratitude or appreciation is an incredibly powerful emotion. It is extremely infectious. It can literally spread like a plague. As such it’s natural state of being is growth. When you fill your day and yourself with a sense of gratitude and appreciation - there is no room in our life for negativity. With a strong focus on gratitude and appreciation there is no room for fear. Your mind literally is incapable of focusing on two diametrically opposed emotions. It is a basic scientific fact. Let’s expand that further out to understand that all things, thoughts, feelings and beliefs have a vibration to them. There is a science to this that must be understood so that you can move forward and use that understanding for change in your life. A short physics 101 lesson here. We’ve all heard this at some point in our life. Has it become useful and used yet in your life? All things are made up of atoms and sub atomic particles and currently it is scientific indisputable fact there are infinitessimally smaller particles but we don’t need to go there. Lets make this simple – all those particles: the atoms – the subatomic and the subatomic particles that make up everything are all moving incredibly fast. Those movements are at constant speeds. Those speeds create vibration in the space around them. Those vibrations or frequencies are constant without change. These atoms vibrate at the same frequency all the time and since that frequency never changes wood is always wood in it’s constant state. Water is H2O – water is always water. Water vibrates at a specific frequency. When we add freezing cold water however the frequency changes and it becomes ice it is no longer water. Hopefully that brief physics lesson helps you understand the concept of everything, every thought, every feeling, every emotion and every belief has a frequency to it. Like magnets attract steel some frequencies attract other frequencies and also common frequencies attract each other. These are all basic science, these are all basic facts. These are indisputable – they are proven. These facts in our current world are not changeable – the only thing you can do is choose to ignore basic facts. If that is you – I’m here to tell you stop reading my blog and definitely don’t try to be a successful entrepreneur.

How Frequent is Your Frequency?

Remember the facts are: Things, thoughts, feelings and beliefs vibrate and have frequencies. The frequency of gratitude and appreciation are extremely strong and powerful. You develop gratitude and appreciation by increasing the number times you are grateful and appreciative. The same is true of feelings and emotions like fear – Fear is extremely powerful is like in the movie Star Wars – those emotions are from the dark side. One of the few things in life that we control is how we choose to feel and how we react. We have complete control over our ownselves and that’s about it. We have the choice to feel grateful and appreciative. You can make a choice from the moment you read these words forward that you will not allow negative thoughts and negative feelings to stay in your mind – you will not allow them to stay there creating and drawing more negative energy and vibration. Choose to develop gratitude and appreciation instead!

Develop Gratitude and Appreciation A Short Video

How To Develop Gratitude And Appreciation

Here comes the easy part

If you want to develop gratitude and appreciation the best way to do that is to start. Five letters S-T-A-R-T START now – START today. Start changing your behavior today! Change your behavior which you completely control and own today. If you are unable to control your own self and control what you do – you will never be successful as an entrepreneur. So the easy part is to start. The easiest way to sustain what is started is to start each day with a consistent habit and behavior. Here is my simple and easy to follow behavior that leads me to develop gratitude and appreciation. Go check out on my blog how I Use SIRI on my IPhone To Increase Productivity throughout the day and then come back here for the final bit.

Using SIRI on my Iphone each day when I start my day – I plug in my microphone into my iPhone and then state five things that I am grateful for that have just occurred in my life. During the day or at the end of the day I add to that list – even small events.

Do that consistently every day no excuses for the next 60 days and I guarantee – I promise you – you will have develop gratitude and appreciation as a lasting attitude.

If you would like an accountability partner – running mate who will help you keep yourself accountable and support you as you develop gratitude and appreciation – all you have to do is make a comment below and I have a simple process for us to connect and share and do that.

Do it today – do it now – get started. There is nothing holding you back from what we’ve talked about here.

It’s completely up to you to accept the facts and do something about it or choose to ignore basic facts. One of our most brilliant scientific minds in history to date is Mr. Albert Einstein. One of my favorite quotes from him - Insanity is doing the same things over and over expecting different results.

It is OK to be a little crazy as a successful entrepreneur

but insanity is not part of the recipe.
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