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Well, no one will ever accuse me of having nothing to say. I don't post much to my Warrior Forum blog, but one, it's nice to have a soapbox. It's almost like I can be alone with my thoughts here. According to the stats I just looked at, no one looks at my WF blog anyway.

Maybe I should put it in my sig file?

Actually, I finally took a look at the blog options tonight, because I was running out of room in my sig file, and was looking for a place to put more links.

Of course, if no one ever looks at, I don't know how much good it would do, unless, I just pointed my sig here and let the blog do the rest of the work for me.

A thought brews...

But I digress, I'm definitely an Internet Marketing Addict. I get a rush from waking up in the morning and finding money in my Paypal account. My 3 year journey this year found me at the road to decision.

It was time to create an actionable plan to use the internet to create passive streams of income. I drilled down to hardcore statistics, ran a few tests, and I have a solid plan make it all happen. Even if it is $7.00 at a time.

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Bright Shiny... Crabs?

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Posted 17th June 2011 at 12:54 PM by VanessaB

I've got a really funny store to share with you. But before I start, I want to tell you about this little place I found in Holiday, FL called "Miss Vickie's On The River." I have a knack for finding these out of the way little dives that serve phenomenal food, and Miss Vickie's has been my greatest find yet because that is where I was introduced to "She Crab Soup." Now, I'm not much of a soup eater at all, and seafood type soups have never appealed to me, but the day I found Miss Vickie's and saw this prized dish on the menu, I tried it, and now, I drive down there once a month just to have some She-Crab Soup.

On to our story...

Shane and I took the kids to the beach on Memorial Day. On our way we stopped at the store to buy some floats.

We were playing in the water, lying on the rafts, soaking up rays and just having a good day of family fun. But you know how kids are... they drag the floats way out in the water, get bored, turn their backs and just forget the float. Which is of course, exactly what they did.

Now, before I go any further let me tell you that where we live, the Gulf is very shallow, and at low tide, all the way out by the ropes (you know the point you're not supposed to swim past) is only about 6 inches deep. It's about 50 yards of 6 inch deep water from the shore to the ropes.

So Shane and I were sitting out there, by the ropes with the kids, when they made some friends and just abandoned their floats. They weren't far from us, maybe 10 feet, but we got stuck 'manning' the floats.
So it had floated about 4 feet away when I asked my darling husband if he wanted to go up to the shore with me to take a break from the water, grab a drink and a snack, etc. He said "sure."

Now the float was about 4 feet behind him, and I was about 3 ft in front of him, so I said "Can you grab the float?" He says "sure" and I turn and head back.

I get all the way up to the shore, turn around and see my husband right where I left him, and the float about 50 yards past the ropes. So I walk all the way back out there and I say "Uhh... hun, the float?" He turns and sees it, now about 65 yards out past the ropes.

And so my husband so innocently says to me... "I saw a crab and I wanted to show it to the boys." (We live in FL, go to the beach all the time, they've seen crabs before, and our oldest is terrified of them... but I digress)

I wasn't really mad, but I can't pass up an opportunity to break my husband's chops, and so I say "A Bright Shiny Crab? Seriously?"

Then he says he's going to go get the float, and I know he can't make it. But he is a stubborn man, and so he off he trots, 3 feet past the ropes, and realizes how mushy the ground is beyond the ropes, where it's still only 6 inches deep, and so he turns back and says he has to go up to the shore to get his shoes.

Of course by the time he gets up there, the float is half way to the next city, but he being the proud man that he is, marches right back out there. Until he finally gets all the way out to the ropes again.

So of course this has become a running joke amongst my 'inner circle' of friends in the IM world who've already heard the story, but I thought I'd share it here too.


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