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Thank U Haters!

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Posted 26th December 2013 at 02:49 AM by VegasVince

I've always said, there are those who create, and those who critique. It takes very LITTLE talent to be a critic....and most don't ever get around to selling much because they're busy bodies.

A busy body is someone more concerned what Vince is selling....then doing any business of THEIR OWN.


I rather enjoy the chickens coming home 2 roost on a certain thread I started a while back..that I wont even bother responding to because I know it's a "trap."

While everyone was entitled to their opinion.....lies, misrepresentations, and attacks have no business on this forum...but were allowed.

If I jump over there and say one thing to defend myself against a couple of the most dumb ass comments and false comments I've come across.....and I'll get banned. Aint a doubt in my I have 2 sit back and choose to laugh at these couple of "professional forum posters."

Rather I want to thank U haters for increasing the sale of my WSO.

See.....I don't have "shills." I don't hand out review copies "to buy bogus reviews" I don't have an OTO.....cuz I don't NEED THEM! I don't insult my customers with BS like that.

And for those who think I'm being "slick" why don't u go through the 8 pages of testimonials on my WSO where people are actually POSTING THEIR PAY PAL RECEIPTS.

Hate away. But I have a mountain of proof that pisses a lot of people off....who don't like the fact I broke all the rules....on my final WSO ever and it keeps on selling, baby! The right wings, strings, or camera tricks. HINT HINT!

Show me another WSO that people actually post their proof of payment page after page....after page.

My customers are NOT bought and paid for. And the fact I rather enjoy RUBBING THAT IN....PISSES OFF MANY. BOO-HOO!

Hate away .....I don't care..nor do my customers!

And those of you using a certain thread I try and build a "reputation" ..I'd say you'd be better off SELLING SOMETHING. But hey....that's just me.

And if you even do a tenth of what I've done....with a refund rate of 2.98%....then you can talk smack to me.

I wont dignify the comments....I don't have to. My product has proven itself......for those of you who can read enough testimonials from REAL BUYERS to wall paper a friggin' house.

Happy Holidays.
Stay Legendary!


p.s. When I say LAST will be the LAST BUMP. Cuz we keep it real. Others don't.

And if that thread pisses people be it. I wont allow myself to get sucked into a war of words with people who are professional forum posters.

My customers....hundreds of them...have SPOKEN LOUD AND CLEAR. You don't like it? Go create a better product and sell it. Again...refund rate 2.98%. Nuff said to my "quality." And I aint selling a "dime sale."

I've been in this house for over 7 years....but rest assured...Vinnie aint dumb enough to EVER post again. So jab and poke away, haters.....I can take it. But I aint gonna bite.

But I find it really rich that certain people are allowed to take personal shots at me....and "it's all good."

Have u jackballs even bothered to read the testimonials? Or does it piss you off mine are actually REAL!!!!!

I've never personally attacked anyone on this forum....but obviously the rules are applied differently for some...based on some blatant LIES being allowed to be told about such things as the "color of my sales page BEING "MANIPULATIVE" :confused::confused: and other bizarre quotes...including a quote CREDITED TO me..that actually was made by another!!! Yeah...some jerk off quotes me....but it's a quote from another jerk off! Are u Fxxcking kidding me? What a sham!

It's a sham. A farce...that's actually funny if it wasn't so slanderous.

" I can't even take the chance to flat out defend myself against some of the most idiotic BS and utter lies being tossed around by a few morons. But they have free reign at me.

That's cool. Fire away. Cuz you obviously can't sell be a critic. Criticize something or someone you haven't bought or even know....lmao.

I've given this forum my best over the years....and the only people that matter now are my customers on my final product ever. And there's a LOT of them.

Thanks again haters.....sales have never better. That's the part you "rocket scientists" never ya!
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