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How badly do you want it?

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Posted 9th September 2012 at 08:46 AM by Walt Serdville

We all want success.

But how badly? Think about it.. the internet is filled with resources - the local library remains a good info source.

Want to become a millionaire with coming up with a new app? But don't know how to even code? How about you pick up a book or two and start learning it. (apps was a sample but really there's nothing a person can't teach himself)

Don't got the time for it? Well what are you doing? Analyze your doings! You wake up, eat and groom up, go to your work from 9 to 5 and afterwards you WASTE at least few hours on entertainment which instead could've put into studying.

You could sleep a bit less than 8 hours a day, try 6 hours every second day - you won't notice a difference. When "50 Cent" was asked what he was doing while he wasn't recording songs in studio - he replied that he was in acting sets, making movies. When he was asked when he does rest or sleep he said that sleep is for poor people.

Not sleeping is unhealthy, no doubts but think about it how badly he wanted to succeed(hence his first album's name "Get Rich or Die Tryin'") - he wanted to succeed more than he wanted to sleep!

Do you want to succeed? You could learn a thing, do a thing instead of going out to your local pub this night or you could watch less TV.

Get self-criticism and analyse how much time you WASTE a day and turn that into 'money-making-time'

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Hope this was helpful..
Valter Serdetsnoi
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