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Pinterest Setting it up and Making Connections

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Posted 3rd August 2012 at 08:46 AM by yasser

In this post we are going to talk about setting up your Pinterest
account, so that you can start pinning, repining and making
connections for your business right away.

One of the things that make Pinterest so popular is that it is visually
appealing to consumers. As we discussed in your last lesson,
members can use it to organize and share images, photos, audio's and
even videos (called “pins”).

You can digitally pin and upload your own images or other people's
images according to interests, events, hobbies, DIY crafts, etc. to
create collections (known as “Pinboard's” or “boards”).

Pinterest only requires a few basic steps to setup a profile, so that you
can begin your pinning adventure and start making connections as
quickly as possible.

First things first, if you haven't already received an invitation to join
Pinterest you will need to request an invite from the Pinterest main
page (which can take several days) or find someone that you know who
is already a member and get them to invite you (much faster).

Once you receive your official invitation you can register using either
your Facebook or Twitter account.

TIP: If you use Facebook to create your Pinterest account it will pull the
information from your main Facebook profile, not your Facebook
business page. So if you're planning on using Pinterest solely for
business purposes you may want to consider using a Twitter account
specifically created in your business name.

During the registration process Pinterest will ask you a few basic
questions about your interests, so that it can suggest pins, people and
boards for you to follow.

Once you have completed the registration process you will receive a
confirmation message from Pinterest. Be sure that you confirm your
registration by clicking the link inside that message. This is important
because you want to be able to receive notifications and updates, so
that you can keep track of your connections.

If you ever need to, change your personal information, email address
or add your other accounts simply go to your "Settings" located in the
drop-down menu under your username in the upper right corner of your
Pinterest account.

After confirming your registration you can begin creating boards,
pinning pictures and following other pinner's. The best way to start your
pinning experience is by getting inspiration from users who share the
same interests as you.

As you begin exploring the site you will notice that if you move your
mouse over any given picture you will have the option to repin, like or
comment on it.

When you want it included a picture that is already on the Pinterest
network to one of your own boards all you have to do is choose 'Repin'
and a box will pop up with a drop-down menu allowing you to choose
which board you wanted in the picture to.

Your account comes set up with some basic (broad topic) boards that
you can start pinning to write away. You can also create your own
boards by clicking the 'Add' tab in the upper right-hand corner of the
page or by choosing to repin an image and scrolling down to the very
last option of the drop-down menu and adding the name of your new

You are not restricted to pinning images from inside the Pinterest
network. You can also pin images and other content from other
websites to your boards by installing the “Pin It” Button to your
bookmarks toolbar.

You'll find it here, along with simple instructions for using it:

Once installed, you can quickly pin just about any image while
browsing the web. You have to credit your use of the original creator’s
image/photo/pins by linking back and including some thoughtful tags
and links. You can also share each of your pins to your followers by
simply clicking Facebook and Twitter buttons.

To start making connections, you have to follow users’ pinboard's that
have the same interests as you. You can click “Follow All” to follow a
user’s pinboard or click “Follow” to follow a board.

Whenever there is a new pin added, you will get notified. Likewise, if
you want to unfollow a user, you can do it anytime without the user
knowing it.

When it comes to making the most out of your Pinterest account you will
want to make sure to always follow proper Pin Etiquette. Make sure that
you browse through the terms of service and acceptable use policy,
because they have strict policies against copyright infringement,
spamming and privacy violations. This simple step will help ensure that
you maintain an active account.

You can find out more about proper Pin Etiquette here:

If it any time you feel lost or confused you can always refer to the Pinterest help files located in the drop-down menu under 'About' in the
upper right-hand corner.

That's it for today's post. In the next post we will be talking about
using Pinterest-ing keywords, hash tags and links to help get your pins
indexed properly for higher visibility.

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