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Getting Back to Affiliate Marketing

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Posted 27th May 2013 at 06:41 AM by Yogini

I have a few of my own products, work with clients in my psychotherapy practice and teach yoga. I have always done some affiliate marketing over the last 10 years, but haven't focused much on that lately. However, I checked my stats at shareasale and clickbank and noticed some sales this month so thought I'd work on this income stream again more.

In the past, I've done a lot of article marketing, but I know that these directories have lost favor with search engines the last few years. (I still do get hits though from some articles when I check awstats and statcounter). I'm not someone involved with jv seeking or doing much with social media (though I did just start a facebook page finally).

This left me with questions of how to get traffic. I learned a lot from an inexpensive but in-depth training from Alex on improving Affiliate Marketing without Seo . I have been weak in research as well as writing good copy. He goes through ways to figure out the top problems of the niche and how to write a short report focusing on just one of them. I have done freelance writing over the years and write well, but don't like to write "hype". His training was useful as he goes in detail how to write a good report that solves a problem which then other webmasters, product owners or bloggers would want to distribute. There are sample emails he gives (a few seemed too much of a salesman style, so I changed them).

In addition to helping someone else's readers and subscribers, there's a nice angle on making it mutually beneficial for the site owner who distributes the free report. It is a twist I haven't seen. I also learned tips on other free traffic ways to get the report out without worrying about seo.

The second way I'm working on improving my affiliate commissions is by implementing ideas from Austin Anthony on ways to make Passive Affiliate Commissions.

I never really focused on physical health and beauty affiliate commissions which is something he has a great deal of success with. What I like about his guide is that he shows how to find products that are advertised, discusses networks that are reliable, gives concrete examples and goes into seo techniques for small mini sites. There are videos that are helpful as well.

Austin talks about how to figure out what is too competitive and ways to use web 2.0 and other free resources for getting traffic. Some I was familiar with but others I wasn't and his ways of using these methods gave me new insights. There is a section on paid advertising and how to do this inexpensively, but I am someone who likes to do things for free!

What I am finding very useful is the facebook mastermind group that is included free. People are showing their pages, asking about whether a phrase is too competitive and recommended specific people for backlinking on fiverr.

In the pdf Austin also mentions the resources he uses for article writing, fiverr gigs and other tasks if you don't want to do things yourself. These are small sites so I will do my own article writing using his samples for ideas.

Even if you don't get Austin's course, the thread itself has some helpful marketing points worth reading.

I have been hooked on affiliate marketing since the early 2000s with Corey Rudl's classic internet marketing guide. Sadly, he died in a tragic accident sveral years ago doing what he loved- driving a Porsche at the California Speedway.
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