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Insiders Interview with Giveaway Promotes Founder

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Posted 18th March 2017 at 03:15 PM by ZachMiller

Everybody, I want to introduce to you, one of the top contest promotion sites online today..
Shes been #1 in a lot of our blind split test campaigns..
..and consistently her promotions have made our campaigns as successful as they are..
Whenever you need knock out of the park results..
Youre going to end up using..
Bridget Gilligan of Giveaway Promote

Now we have Bridget with us here today, and shes been cool enough to sit down with us for an insiders interview into running a successful giveaway that can net you THOUSANDS of EMAILS for pennies on the dollar..
So to start..


What are giveaway sites?

A giveaway site is a central location that giveaways (a.k.a. sweepstakes) and contests are listed, generally by category, end date, entry method or eligibility. The primary audience of a giveaway site is people who enjoy entering giveaways (shocking, I know).
Not all giveaway sites are equal. Most of them are simply directories without any human touch where you may or may not see a few people find your giveaway from there.
Giveaway Promote is completely different from any other giveaway site in that I provide a custom, hands-on promotion service. Were not a cold and automated giveaway directory. I personally review and publish all of the giveaways coming in, create the emails and custom images, write the social media posts to the right people at the right time, analyze the results of every promotion and am simply a real person. This makes such a big difference in establishing relationships not only with my clients promoting their giveaways but with building a close-knit community of entrants.
Is running a giveaway easy?
Setting up and running a giveaway itself is really easy. I love Rafflecopter its the easiest and most user/entrant friendly giveaway platform thats out there right now.
Running a successful giveaway is a little bit harder. The main challenges with giveaways are (1) selecting the right prize to attract your target audience, (2) learning enough about sweepstakes laws and platform promotion guidelines (Instagram, Facebook, etc.) to make sure youre not going to get yourself in trouble with the law or get your social media accounts shut down and (3) getting people to find and enter your giveaway.

When I run a giveaway, whats the #1 thing an entrant looks for before saying YES?

Each potential entrant will first look at the prize to see if its something they are interested in, then theyll look at eligibility, to make sure they are able to enter based on where they are located. Next, they will review the giveaway landing page further to see how to enter what it is youre asking for them to do in order for an entry or entries (the more you ask of an entrant, the less likely they will be to enter keep it simple). Finally, before they enter and provide you with any of their personal information, they look to prove that your giveaway is legit. They are looking for red flags of scams (too good to be true wording, no rules, deadline extensions, previous giveaways have no winners, etc.), they want to read through your official rules, find the start/end dates, and may dig through your website further to make sure your business as a whole is on the up and up.

Any secret tips you can give for promoting our giveaways?

80% of your results really will come from 20% of your promotion efforts. Make a plan before your giveaway goes live. When it comes to promote it go where the people are and budget for promotion. Work with people who know what they are doing. Test, adjust, repeat.

How should someone follow up with these emails after they have them?

Provide value to your subscribers and theyll stick around. Expect to lose some once you announce a winner. It will happen no matter how dialed in your prize is to your target audience. Focus your energy on providing value to the rest of them give them a reason to remain on your list.
Now Bridget, you have a course coming out, the product launch will be available here soon. What exactly will that cover, regarding giveaway promotions? (only talk about ONE THING that is your main selling point to them)
We have several courses coming out this year. Our courses focus on teaching you how to use giveaways to grow your audience and successful giveaway promotion strategies that get results. They will all be available on our website the first one will be released here for download:
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