Auto tracking conversion with clickbank and voluum ?

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I am using voluum tracking and i am wondering, if i choesed a clickbank product then i got my ID (Hoplink) then placing an offer with the hoplink and started campaign using this tracking link ... is that means that i am tracking everything even if someone bough the product will that be recorded on voluum or i should use pixel (note that i don't under stand pixel at all) if yes how can i use click bank with voluum the best way to track everything.
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  • This post is 2 years old, however the question still remains: How to track conversions from Clickbank automatically in Voluum?

    Clickbank does not support a postback URL that Voluum can understand. However Clickbank has an Instant Notification Service that can be used to get transaction data from Clickbank and convert it into a postback URL that sends the data to Voluum.

    All you need is an SSL protected webserver that hosts a php script. Then you can request access to Clickbanks Instant Notification System. The system will then send transaction data to the script. The script turns it into a postback URL and finally Voluum receives the conversion data.

    You can find a detailed walkthrough as well as a php script here:

    If you would like to develop your own solution, have a look at Clickbanks documentation here:

    I hope that helps a little should anyone in this forum search for a solution to this problem.
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