80% Bounce Rate - Why?

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I'm puzzled by the 80% bounce rate of my site. I would really appreciate it if anyone could offer an explanation. The site is howdoidate.com.

Thank you.
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    I hope you are serious. Before asking such kind of question, have you used Google to search the answer that you need? if not, I think this article will be very useful to you >>> searchenginewatch[dot]com/article/2237250/Reduce-Bounce-Rate-20-Things-to-Consider (replace the dot with ".")

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      Yes I'm serious. Thanks for the link but I was actually looking for a quick expert opinion since I've looked at many articles like the one you suggested and appear to be doing nothing wrong.
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    Great a goal as time on site for 2mins, this will then not be seen as a bounce


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      The first thing I noticed is that there are too much links in the navigation menu. This can can be both frustrating and misguiding.

      Another thing, the non-fixed navigation menu is too big and it takes a lot of space. Consider removing it.

      But after all look at your main traffic source. The high bounce rate could be caused from cold untargeted traffic, which clearly do not need dating tips.

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    What are the traffic sources. Did you try to identify which traffic sources have such a high bounce rate? Also, did you notice the ugly image that you have on the upper right side? Be aware that users nowadays are not as dumb as 5 years ago. Try making it more user friendly, make the fonts more clean and readable. Also you have to many scroll elements, and too big
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      Hi findlay56,

      Your question is a bit like asking "how long is a piece of string?"

      You are likely in possession of all the data you need to answer that question for yourself. If not, then that should be your next action step. CRO has nothing to do with asking for opinions about your website design. CRO is about devising well thought out marketing experiments, measuring results and making data informed decisions.

      You should have some sort of analytic software implemented, right? If not that is your first step. Your website data will reveal a great deal of information about your website and your traffic sources.

      One of the first things you are likely to realize when you look at your website data is that not all of your traffic sources will have the same bounce rate, and not all of your web pages will have the same bounce rate. Those variances are likely to give you your first clue as to why the bounce rate is higher than you expected.

      The concept you need to employ is called segmentation, when you start segmenting your website data, and your traffic source data, you will begin to see which audience is the right audience for your website, and what content on your website is desirable to your audience.

      By creating more of the type of content your audience engages with, you will improve bounce rates. Likewise, by precisely targeting the audience segments that engage with your content your bounce rates will improve as well.
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    There's a lot of factors that might contribute to a high bounce rate. You might check on it. Let me enumerate some:
    1) Singe Page Site - these tend results high bounce rates because Google Analytics do not register multiple page views unless users reload the page.
    2) Multiple-page Site - implementing Google Analytics to all pages
    3) Site Design (Too many Ads ,Poor landing page)
    4) Keywords to better reflect your page content
    5) User behavior (that includes like bookmarking your site then leave)
    6) Poor navigation
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