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Hello warriors!

I see many sites using some kind of "cloak" url to amazon affilate links.

When i put mouse pointer i see link to some page on the current site,but when i click on it im redirected to amazon sales page.

My first question is is that more effective, or better for SEO,or for some other benefit?

Second question is how i can do it to?

My links are naked and point to amazon,i just put them as no follow.

Ps. If this cloaking have no benefit, i guess i not need the answer for question two

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    Hiding affiliate links through some url-shorting service used to be a practice among paranoid affiliates. They thought people would strip out their ID numbers and "steal" the sale away. That was such a long time ago, though. And I don't know why people do it today. Perhaps it's the same reason. I don't know...


    I remember reading somewhere that affiliate cloaking is no longer allowed at Amazon and other places as well perhaps.
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      A couple reasons:

      1. Some believe that some URL shortening services provide better analytics. You can always go back and compare the amount of traffic and click-throughs you got in your URL shortening and affiliate program dashboards.

      2. It's done out of fear that their sites will be demoted in SERPs if they overuse affiliate links. The thing is most of the time those sites are not ranked high in SERPs anyway, so I don't see the benefits of doing any masking and such. You can't really outdo Google's ability to detect what this or that link is all about even if you try to use deep URL masking.

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    Thank you.
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