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I sell customized bedding and curtains. I have my own manufacturing (Boutique) and ecommerce website www.LinensnCurtains.com which get 40-50 visits per day and hardly 6-10 sales per month. Till now i was selling good on etsy with approx 120 sales per month and all around 200 positive feedbacks with good score. But now as my etsy store suspended with the reason that i am a reseller (which i am not) i am all on road with website's few sales only.

Now rather than opening one more store on any other marketplace, i want to grow with my own webstore. I know people buying these beddings and liking it. But question here is how to generate traffic and sales on my site. How to spread my brand awareness and spread features i am giving.

The tasks i did immediately after suspending from etsy -

- Took snaps of all my feedbacks from etsy which i thought i can showcase on my site or blog
- Mailed all my buyers that i am moving from etsy to my website so that my buyers can buy from my site.
- Copied mail communication to put these as Q&A on my sites as other might have similar questions.

This brought me few sales from buyers who immediately needed some bedding.

But now same few sales. I know i should start doing on-page and off-page SEO and backlink and i am doing it but its slow and long term process which can not bring fast results.

For fast results -
- I am posting daily on FB. Page like increase but no leads.
- trying adwords PPC but so far no results. Spending $20 per day
- Making squeeze page for home decor mail series which will get subscribers an di can promote my products in mail
- i want to do mail marketing but what shud be content in thta rather than just populating products images there to connect with buyers and lesser unsubscribing.
- i could not find solo ads in home and garden niche
- i am also on shareasale & clixgalore but even no results from there

What else can i do to bring fast leads atleast that much to cover promotion expences. At the moment i am spending just from my pockets with extremely less earings.

What you guys suggest here.
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    If you have the product in stock.. or you are making it.. then you need to look into Google Shopping as an avenue of advertising. I would say that you want to look at Amazon as well as a avenue to sell your product.

    That aside. you really need to think "CONTENT" I see you have a blog.. but you need to better understand what products you should be writing about. "how to buy perfect Bed Skirts" or "Why to buy white sheets" is NOT going to help you. looking at terms such as "Oxford Pillow Cover" and "Chiffon Gathered Crib Skirt" as examples, are going to draw traffic to your site. How much? I didn't look at it that. But are they terms that you could more than likely get a listing on page one of Google search.. yes.

    there are pages on your site such as "washing Instructions" that are not complete.

    I personally live in the States.. and find your prices to be a bit on the high side. if you go here and look: Crib Skirts - Crib Bedding - Babies "R" Us vs your 2 $69.00 options.. well I would probably be more inclined to use Babiesrus.

    Another thing I noticed. regardless if I was looking at king size or twin.. the price remained the same. Shouldn't there be price differences between the sizes?
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    You never mentioned Ebay? Are you not interested in selling your products on it?

    Secondly, you didn't mentioned Pinterest, either. Make Pinterest your best friend. You can get more leads from there than from anywhere else.

    Thirdly, Etsy has a trust among the buyers, where's a separate online store doesn't have that kind of trust for obvious reasons.

    And lastly, don't get me wrong, your site looks great, but I think it's time to upgrade your design:

    1. You need to implement a responsive design. Currently the site isn't responsive:

    Screenfly / Test Your Website at Different Screen Resolutions

    2. The graphics look outdated / basic. You should take a look at some of your competitors' sites and come up with something even better.

    Again, I am not trying to put a smack down on your site, just giving you a constructive feedback.

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