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My Conv Rate is Very low
while i am in 4th page of SERP but my website's Con Rate is almost 0
website is : please suggest some idea
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    Rank your website on first page to increase conversion rate of website.It is possible when you improve your website's performance in terms of content.

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    This almost looks like a parked domain. Perhaps you should buy a travel review template for wordpress or something because this really doesn't look good.
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    Well your design is not the best. I would suggest redesigning it. How many visitors do you have daily?

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      Im shocked you are on page 4. There is no text on your site.. a line or so on each and every page with a phone number.

      you are, I am assuming selling travel related locations and services? Changing your theme is not going to help this. When you go on vacation what are you doing? you are leaving your daily grind behind. you are thinking sun and fun and getting away.. or snowy lodge and skiing thee day away with ski bunnies.

      I look at vacation sites in about 12 different languages on a pretty consistent basis.. and just by looking at each and every one I know what it is without being able to read it. I couldn't do that with yours - it is travel right? LOL
      Success is an ACT not an idea
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    Firstly, I would like to say that your site is not up to the mark and definitely needs a redesign. Unless and until you have a good website, you cannot have a high conversion rate. It would be better that you consult a reputed website development company and get your site redesigned. Some tips that would help you increase the website conversion ratio are:
    1. Create a brand and identity that leaves a good impression. Keep the name and logo of the company simple; something that people can easily remember.
    2. Keep the website visually stunning. Use videos and graphics. They attract more users.
    3. Since, Google has given their new update of Mobilegeddon, you must make your website mobile-friendly. A responsive design will be the best solution.
    4. Keep navigation and processes simple.
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    Low conversion rate indicate you that visitors are not getting what they are expecting from the website or the landing page. Various factors like bounce rate, exit rate, average time spent by user etc. depend on the conversions and they need to be studied before defining conversion optimization strategy.
    Some of the tips to follow are:
    1. Analyze your target audience, regular audience, create a survey form and ask them to answer for the reducing the gap between what they are expecting and what you are providing them.
    2. Work on your content copy testing - Divide the content into SEO copy writing for rankings on search engine. Human copy to uphold interest and Info copy to answer questions.
    3. Plan best headline content & He do thorough headline testing to improve conversions.
    4. Reduce bounce rate by taking reviews from the visitors or even go for the interviews.
    5. Optimize landing page- Check CTA buttons. Make use of google analytics and also webmaster tools to make changes.
    6. Check for the errors like 404 error, canonical tag, href lang tag, and 301 reference tag.
    7. Work on associative content marketing, invest in predictive content marketing and focus on consumer directed targeting.
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    The main reason is because there is no clear call to action - you always need a call to action if you want high conversion rates, be it asking people to contact you or purchase something. It has to be at a very clear, prominent place.
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    Conversion rate depends upon the user experience offered by your website. I would recommend you to do conversion rate optimization for that landing page from which you are expecting conversions:

    Firstly, you have to analyze the reason why visitors are not converting
    and secondly, you fix the problem by making relevant changes.

    To check if your website is optimized for conversions , here is a checklist of queries you should know:

    Is your website is providing the same information for which users are looking for
    check website navigation
    Are visitors finding everything without facing any difficulty
    Check if there is any distraction on your landing page which is responsible for high bounce rate
    Are CTAs clearly visible
    Content is having enough value or not

    Check your website from all these aspects and then you will get to know all the problems related to conversion.

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