Why to hire a conversion rate optimisation service?

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Why hire a conversion rate optimisation service?
Conversion rate optimisation service delivers significantly higher profits and greater ROI than SEO, SMM, PPC advertising is it true?
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    The answer to your question is Yes, No and Maybe.

    The bigger your company is the better results you're looking to get using a CRO team or hiring a consultant.Imagine these two situations, assuming that the CRO team can boost results by 100% overall.

    Situation 1:
    $10 FE Offer
    2% Conversion
    50 Visitors/Day

    Before CRO: $10/Day Revenue
    After CRO: $20/Day Revenue

    Situation 2:
    $10 FE Offer
    2% Conversion
    500 Visitors/Day

    Before CRO: $100/Day Revenue
    After CRO: $200/Day Revenue

    In *most* cases, when you're starting out it's far easier to dedicate funds to traffic, versus working with a CRO team. However, if you're business isn't picking up momentum, a GOOD CRO team can turn things around tenfold.
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    Generally people will hire a CRO specialist when they're getting traffic to their website, but not converting that traffic into sales. It makes sense right?

    But to be honest, even if you are already getting traffic and sales, it still pays off to invest in CRO, because you'll likely increase your conversions and revenue. Let me give you a super basic example.

    You have a business website selling fancy dog collars for $40 each.
    You have 100 visitors a day to your website for which you pay $200 to Google Adwords.
    On average, 10 people per day purchase on your website. (10%).

    Revenue: $40 x 10 = $400
    Adwords Expenditure: $200
    Profit: $400 - $200 = $200

    You hire a CRO expert and pay him $900 to work on your site for 20hrs. He makes a few tweaks to your website, visually, functionality wise and also potentially in your checkout and sales funnel. He's an expert in his field and he increases your Conversion Rate by 5%. Meaning you now sell 15 dog collars a day.

    Revenue: $40 x 15 = $600
    Adwords Expenditure: $200
    Profit: $600 - $200 = $400

    In this particular scenario you'll make up the $900 you spent on a CRO specialist within 5 days.

    Obviously just an example, but I have seen some amazing CRO case studies. If you can find an expert and you're already getting traffic to your website, it's definitely a worthwhile investment.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Good luck,
    The CRO Pro :)
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