What are some top strategies for conversion optimization?

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Hi, everyone! Please, share the best tips on how to optimize conversion rate of a website. I think, I need some kind of a structured and organized list to make rational conclusions. Thanks!
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    The list should be something like that, but these are common advices that are doing great only when you’ll combine them:
    Think about your page speed, ‘cause time will kill your visitors
    Use headlines to show the valuable information
    Do not place a lot of texts, be brief and clear
    Choose the right color
    Use images and infographic to simplify and explain
    Place appropriate videos only
    Make a simple way to sign up
    Use Dynamic Keyword Insertion
    Add some testimonials
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      Thanks for the advice! What do you mean saying:
      Originally Posted by 5Gloria5 View Post

      Use Dynamic Keyword Insertion
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        Originally Posted by Marion78 View Post

        What do you mean saying
        DKI - a feature provided by Google Adwords, Yahoo Search marketing and oth, to dynamically insert the most relevant keyword to the ad to be displayed.
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    It’s not a new question, but nevertheless I’ve found great articles that can help to answer your question. In my opinion, all the proposed tips are quite fresh and will be definitely useful
    10 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips
    10 Brilliant Tips From Conversion Rate Optimization Experts
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    Was listening to this episode the Marketing Optimization Podcast yesterday:
    SaaS Startup Growth with Conversion Testing - Liam Martin from Staff.com - Marketing Optimization

    There are some good tips in there. It's geared more towards optimizing for software but the principles also apply to websites.
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    I wanted to add, all of this feedback is great - and there are some areas that should be considered separately for desktop users and mobile users. Depending on if users are visiting from a desktop machine or a mobile device, the experience they have will likely be very different.

    Michael Thompson
    Adscend Media
    Skype - Michael.Adscend

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    A/B testing is by far the best strategy to find out what works best.
    Every new project should start with A/B testing different buttons/headlines or even webpages.
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  • When you say conversions do you mean leads or ecommerce transactions. You need to look at these things and break them down.

    1. The source traffic- Which source is the most profitable for you?

    2. How is your website converting? Have you done a/b split testing?

    If you are running Google analytics you can set up goals or ecommerce transaction conversions. However when it comes to Google analytics goals, they won't tell you the source behind each goal conversion. For that you need a lead tracking solution so you can see the person behind each lead.

    3. How is your webcopy? It needs to contain the AIDA elements for optimal conversion.

    4. Where is your target market? Which countries? You need to know your market and invest your marketing dollars where they hang out....
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    Hi Marion,

    What does conversion mean to you? A sale? An engagement? A subscriber to your list?

    There are 100's of different approaches for getting folks to the checkout page - sometimes we need to be a little more strategic than just just tweaking our copy.

    Happy to give you some advice if you could share the business/website?


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    A/B split testing is the big secret. You can find tutorials on it on youtube.

    Further things that increase conversion rate:
    +different colours bring about different emotions, for example I heard red brings about urgency. You can read more on this on the internet. You can apply this on your squeeze page depending on the niche. For example for the mediation niche you could use pleasant relaxing colours.
    +A cool "Get Instant Access", "Submit" button always helps!
    +Possibly make a check mark list of what is included and make it irresistable.

    But as I said A/B Split Testing is the big secret. The most easiest possibility is just to create a squeeze page and edit it with time according to results of A/B Split Testing.

    Who knows, maybe you make a discovery causign your conversion rate to jump super high!
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    I think giving first is a good stratery. Give the visiter the best of your knowledge gradually then send them product info.
    You can do this with GetResponse
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