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Hi friends,
Please suggest your view on best traffic source for maximum conversion and CTR , i mean which one is best organic,referral,social or any other if i am not aware of.
Thank you.
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    SEO, Email, and PPC offer the best conversion rates.
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    It depends entirely on your niche and your audience. Different niches hang out in different places and interact in different ways. That being said, if you're doing paid traffic, it's hard to beat Facebook's platform. You can uber-target your ads so that the right people are seeing them.
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      Please just use the search function here on the forum. This question has huge threads already answering it.

      Then, whatever you choose, you'll need to test it with your offer and niche.

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    Hello guys,

    Have you ever purchased traffic from Shaqir Hussyin?
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      Does he sell solo ads.
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    Agree with ShoppingSignals, you need targeted traffic to ensure conversion rate. then it's your capture page and your lead magnet. you can put a congruent product at your landing page.
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    SEO, PPC, Email and Forum are the best option...
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    PPC and CPV/PPV works really well, but the most important thing is that you have to make sure that the traffic is well-targeted, even if you have the best traffic source out there if it ain't targeted you will see no resuts.

    Good Luck,
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      Originally Posted by LeonardoAlvarez View Post

      PPC and CPV/PPV works really well, but the most important thing is that you have to make sure that the traffic is well-targeted, even if you have the best traffic source out there if it ain't targeted you will see no resuts.

      Good Luck,
      This sums it up pretty well.

      I know it's beating a dead horse by saying this but traffic really is worthless unless it's very targeted. I mean really, what's the point of driving 10,000 visitors to a page when only less than 50 are interested in what you have to offer?
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    Hi all, At the moment I'm getting quite a lot of traffic from Youtube plus it's free as long as you spend time putting quality content & good tags for the search engines to pick up.
    Also ping your channel aswell so the video gets indexed. i.e.

    Hope this helps guy's

    Matt Feast
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    Email and PPC offer the best rates because they are either proven buyers or you can control your ad to increase conversions.
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    Hello. Do you offer this PPC service?
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    Traffic is a filtering process. You can get traffic cheap but it's not targeted. To filter bad traffic you need to track what it's doing, and pull good traffic out of it. This way you can retarget actual interested customers. So 10,000 visits may cost $10, out of that you get 20-30 interested people, and out of that 20-30, 1 sale, but if your offer makes you $20, there you are with a profit of $10. And you will also have 10-20 more on your email list if you are capturing their info, then you can mail them more offers. So I would say email converts the best if you're doing it right, you get really targeted customers.
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    SEO ( Organic & Referral )

    Social Media ( Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Delicious, Storeboard, etc)

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    The best traffic is well-targeted traffic. The source then becomes nothing but a minor detail.
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      1. Search Engine Optimization
      2. Article Marketing (EzineArticles, Submit Your Article,Suite101, Helium,...)
      3. Video Marketing (Youtube, Metacafe,Google Video,Yahoo! Video,Clipmoon,Vimeo,..)
      4. Forum Marketing
      5. Social Media Marketing (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube,...)
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    I think video marketing , youtube ,google+ , social bookmark ,web 2.0
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    Thank you all ,suggestions are important accordingly.
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    seo, video promotions, article sharing, social media sharing. these could help you to drive more traffic
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    Google and Bing PPC is by far the best quality traffic on the web.
    Rest are secondary when it comes to paid traffic.
    Start with small and gradually scale it up.
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    Hey friend,

    I think maybe you're just trying to get into internet marketing and find some ways to break the code. In my opinion when things come to THE BEST way that always YOUR BEST way not ours. It will mostly depend on your skill level to strive and earn.

    If you're good at SEO then you maybe can earn a nice bucks steadily without paying a penny. If you're good at email marketing you can try to follow up your subscribers and find those who are interested to buy from you.

    If you are nice on PPC then you can find the lower competitive keywords that reduces you cost of clicks however get highly targeted audience. As for doing good video marketing you maybe talented to edit video and recording things in a high quality way to get people to like your outcome.

    Every area has its tricky part. You just need to know where you can break in.

    Hope this would help,

    - Ray
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    yeah organic or P.PC. Done correctly ppc really is not that bad. Once you know how to optimize for the conversion and separate yourself from your competition.

    One of my current campaigns is running around a 5.5% C.T.R with about round 30 to 60% conversion rate and from there with P.P.C it can be from anywhere from 20% and above with a well optimized funnel.
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    SEO, PPC, SMO is best source of high traffic and best platform in conversation.
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    Well looks like everybody covered on how to get traffic the organic way or "free" in some terms.
    That is something pretty important to build first.
    Once you have that in place, try going for paid traffic or media buying to keep the ball rolling. Here's a little something about that. You can download it for free btw. Free Guide - Bluagile - Self-Serve RTB | Brand Marketing | Mobile | Display | Retargeting
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    IMHO, three top sources of best converting traffic are:

    1. The best converting traffic is from a trusted person (an authority or "guru", if you will), who endorses and refers people in his "herd" (audience) to you, through their email list or another media. Such prospects are generally pre-sold to a degree, before they even visit your site, and can convert like crazy once they get there.

    Such traffic can't be easily drummed up or "purchased" though, unless you network with the big dogs, pay them nice affiliate commissions, or otherwise motivate them to endorse you.

    2. Alternative to number 1: Become an authority yourself in your niche, build your own "herd", who know, like, and trust you.

    3. Organic or paid search traffic, as long as the right keywords are used, which reflect search queries by people proactively looking for solutions to their problems, wants, needs, worries (hopefully your solutions).

    Both SEO & PPC traffic cost money, directly or indirectly. But even so-called free traffic comes with a time- and opportunity-cost.

    Marty Foley ~ PPC Traffic & Conversion Mad Scientist
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    The best traffic sources that allow to make good target, are social media platform, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc... You will normally have good conversion over there, but also, if you are intending to run mobile offers, i do know good tools that can be helpful to search for the good traffic source for the offer you are trying to promote!!
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    There are so many traffic source available, here are the 3 best traffic source for best conversion.
    Commission Junction
    Share a Sale
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    I always suggest you to go for click bank. Because that is the best traffic source for best conversion.
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