I get about 250 users from Google a Day, but almost no conversions..

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Hi Everyone, i design and sell monogram necklaces for a living.
I get about 250 searches a day for monogram necklaces from google a day streaming into my site, but almost non of that traffic converts. Allot of this people seem to bounce of the page.

I am really frustrated about this. Does anybody know why?

see my work here:
Polychemy Jewellery | 3D Printed Personalised Fine Jewellery
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    There are a lot of spelling mistakes on the website, also, the fact that it looks like a free theme. Potential buyers want quality, it's important that your brand image is precise. I'd also suggest lowering prices or having a sale.
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      I noted several errors that seem to be simple typos...jewelry spelled as 'jewellry', 'sorority' spelled as 'sority', etc...."manufatcured with a vairity".

      One or two errors indicates "sloppy, needs proofreading" - this many errors indicates ESL even though the domain is listed with Canadian and US info. That made me look further - and my impression is your company is in Singapore. Is that right? Not a problem unless potential customers feel you are deliberately misleading.

      Navigation is a bit tricky and some images don't load correctly. No colored backgrounds - no staging to highlight features of the jewelry - no models wearing the jewelry (hand models, that is) to show size reference.

      PolyChemy is a High-End File Repository From Singapore - 3D Printing Industry

      The jewelry on the page above is lovely - but I didn't see that sort of staging on your site. I saw no major discussion of 3D jewelry or the metals/materials used....if that is on your site it's not easy to locate for a new visitor.

      That (the process and the materials) would be very important to me as I have allergic reactions to some metals.

      Bottom line: There may be more info on your site that I didn't notice. I went to the site as a regular visitor would. As I had a few questions - I didn't find the answers easily on the site.

      The answers may be there - but as a consumer I wouldn't work that hard to find it. Your site is "here it is" - and what's missing for me is "here is why we do what we do - and how it's done - and what the benefits it - and what the materials are - and the skill level involved....etc"

      Sorry - I think you have a good product and because it's fairly new technology there should be quite a market. I think the site needs some work, though.
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    I've heard that Amazon has quite a lot of buyers with their credit cards at the ready.
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      Originally Posted by CaRTmAnBrAh View Post

      I've heard that Amazon has quite a lot of buyers with their credit cards at the ready.
      I agree. Since the store involves products, try Ebay and Amazon to get some income.
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    Maybe it's just me, but before I spend that kind of money for anything like that, I would want to see it close up (like in a retail store) and know what I am getting. The only way I would buy from a photo on a website is from someone like Amazon, where I know, like and trust them already and could depend on getting my money back if I was dissatisfied.
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    I'd recommend using your website as a place to send interested customers after you've met with them face to face.

    As Wiifm stated, the items you're selling will have a better chance of selling in person. What you are selling are specialty items.

    People in flea markets (aka "swap meets") are receptive to jewelry and other items that are handcrafted and/or of the 'specialty' variety. If you can get a spot in one of those venues, you can test your product with a (hopefully) much better response. As others have pointed out, with sites like Amazon and even Ebay just a click a way, you have a big mountain to overcome competition-wise. But it can be done with some comprehensive research, ongoing testing and adjusting, and knowing when to pivot as needed.

    I'll also echo that spelling errors and a cheap looking them won't help you make any more sales than $0. Have you researched "monogram necklaces" in Google to see which sites are on the front page? Look through those, and I'm sure you'll get an idea of where you're going wrong--and see what people are really buying.

    Copy and paste the sponsored ads into your browser and check out those too. You'll get some insight as to why you're not selling anything. You can make changes from there.
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    Hey man.

    I can't accessed your site, but i have some tips for you.

    If you want a conversion on your site, first thing you need to ask yourself without involve in some kind of emotion, do you have good copy? Copywriting will help to channel your prospect desire, and make your offer desirable.

    If you're confused on how to apply this. You can use PAS Framework ( Problem, Agitate, Solution )
    This can be applied to sell clothes, expensive information product / coaching, physical, or service.

    You might be asking "what if my product doesn't solve any problem"?
    Well, every prospects & customers have their own desires, you can still use the framework just fine.

    Go take a look site called Photojojo. Learn from them. See how they use & apply PAS Framework.

    One last quick tip. You said you design monogram necklace.

    Something that involves design, need to be presented in also a good design. What i mean, just take a look on amazon / other people who already sell something in your market, and make your website looks good. Swipe their design, but do not copy all of their design. Just take some of it.

    Your design will position your monogram necklace in your prospect mind in a good way, so hopefully you'll make sales out of it.

    Even though there's a lot of factor that drives conversion. Just remember, good enough copy (use PAS Framework ) & design will drive conversion.
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      I would suggest looking at the concepts of form and function. ( user experience ) A Home page in general has a form and specific function. A "shop" page ( which I would consider this home page ) has another form and function. A product page, again another form and function.

      Look at major retail sites GAP Walmart TigerDirect kay jewelers etc. look specifically at their homepage So we are looking at the same pages.. lets look at GAP and KAY (.com) goto their home page and click on something to buy. Oh whats that? there is nothing for sale on the home page?

      Lets put this idea into a real world example. You want to buy a gallon of ice cream, you goto walmart... The store is laid out in different departments. You might pass produce and mens socks and frozen pizza.. but you do finally get to the icecream section. Real world brick and mortar navigation.

      Your site should be no different. All of your sources of traffic come to your front door ( home page ) and each and every one of those people are going to be looking for what THEY want.. you have to allow for the flow, the navigation within your site, so they can follow a course to look at what it is THEY want to look at.

      Your site is lacking "User Experience"
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    More or less what Jay King said.

    The products actually look amazing.

    Here are my two cents:
    - They seem expensive because I don't know what they are made of. I need to actually click on the product. It may be silver or it may be gold or it may be alluminium / steel. Unless I know more about them, I will simply compare them with what is found on the market. Since something like a Police necklace is $50 and a D&G is $100, it seems too much.

    Now, taking into consideration that they are made out of silver, they are actually a great deal. I may even order from you. But you can't expect me to read your mind.

    - 99% of your market will not know what 3D printed actually means. Explain them this.

    - No words about the quality. For someone who never bought something 3D printed before, I may want to know about how durable they are.

    - Why should I buy now? What's my incentive? Give me a discount or a special offer, at least for the first time. Jewelery is not usually the kind of thing you buy because you need it but because you like it. Even so, 90% of the jewelery I've bought was either because it was in high demand / of the pitch or because it was a huge discount. I've seen many things in my life that I haven't bought (like watches) even if I actually liked it.

    So overall, you have a great product here. You just need to actually explaint to me why it is such a great one.

    Good luck,
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    I think you should try to instal some pop-ups like we did with Picreel's tool last year. Generally, it gives steady results with the targeted and considered customization. Hope my advice would be helpful.
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    Originally Posted by xxdaggerxx View Post

    Hi Everyone, i design and sell monogram necklaces for a living.
    I get about 250 searches a day for monogram necklaces from google a day streaming into my site, but almost non of that traffic converts. Allot of this people seem to bounce of the page.

    I am really frustrated about this. Does anybody know why?

    see my work here:
    Polychemy Jewellery | 3D Printed Personalised Fine Jewellery
    I would say that my first google search using your keyword (monogram necklace), brought up the top three stores selling at around half the price you sell at
    thats probably why they leave, and go back to the other places. If you do not come up page one for monogram necklace on google, and are getting 250 visitors a day for that search term, then i would educe they are skimming every search result on lets say first three pages of google results, and comparing prices first before doing their shopping
    If they reach tou and see the price is higher, they will not buy
    Also, i saw the other three sites i compared to, sold different style of monogram, and yours seem more greek/egyptian/ancient world with a bit of occult feel, and so would say that if it were 250 visitors seeking lets say 'Roman Dial' or 'Hannukah' Pendant, then you would probably make more sales from 250 people finding you. I would do more deep linking and try to get more few bit sp[ecific searchers for stuff like 'hannukah monogram necklace' hannukah pendant' etc

    By the way, i really like your 3d rotating image thumbs in the product pages
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    Hey there dagger,

    I was reading some of the replies and i would honesty disregard most of them. Yes jewelry is a tough market but lack of promotions and typo's are not the reason for lack of sales.

    If your website is not selling it is ONLY because there is a mismatch with your target audience.

    In other words you said you are getting traffic from people typing monogram necklaces... yet who are these people?

    1. Are they looking for a do-it-yourself solution?
    2. Are they looking for a specific type of design?
    3. Are they more female or male?
    4. Is this a gift or personal purchase?
    5. How old is the typical buyer?
    6. Are people at least adding anything to the cart?

    My guess is your answer to most if not all of these questions is not sure or i don't know.

    The main problem is that your website is not targeting the "exact" person who is ready to buy right now at this precise moment.

    You should not have to bait anyone with a sale to buy and nor will typos even matter if you just want at least just a few sales.

    All you need is a hungry buyer wanting exactly what you sell right now.

    My suggestion would be to create a lead magnet survey where you would ask them important questions about who they are and what they want such as the ones mentioned above.

    At the end of the survey give them a gift like discount code or free download.

    One person in the thread mentioned enhancing your brand which i would also agree with.

    Invest in a good logo. Have a graphic designer draw up a nicer looking website as well.

    Although don't do any of that until you at least get a few sales a month by tweaking your offering to the right people.

    Hope that helps.

    SEO Expert | Top SEO Service | Traffic & Leads | Google's 1st page | Link Building | Local Rank | Reputation Management - http://www.profitlabs.net

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