Im having 100 regular views but no clicks on youtube

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Im in the health niche and I get around 100 views daily minimum but yet no clicks. I was wondering whats wrong. Ive paid for some likes and views. Likes are 130 up and 3 dislikes. Whereas total views are 1150. The vdeo was uploaded yesterday.

Im promoting an affiliate product and have cloaked the link with bitly to their sales page with my tracking id link ofc.
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    Using fake views might get your video deleted.
    It is against TOC of YT
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    Using fake views is the exact reason why you're not getting any clicks.

    Why would you expect 'fake' views to actually convert to clicks? Even if they did click through to the offer, does the affiliate offer you're promoting allow Youtube traffic? If not, your affiliate network account can be banned as well.

    Another thing, fake views/traffic skews your analytics/data and will throw off your numbers so you never get a real idea of which marketing methods are working and which aren't.

    It's best to get as many real, targeted views as you can, especially if you are looking for these 'visitors' to take an action. And they must be legit leads to stay in good with your affiliate network.
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    stop using fake views, YouTube will take it down when they find out.. To get some quick real views you can embed the video on a blog and submit it to StumbleUpon. You should get results, especially if your video has good content.

    Hope this helps.
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    May i know a little bit more about what kind of video you are referring to
    What the message you are providing to your audience ? So that i can help you properly...
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    Exactly what Jarvis said.

    Those are fake views. They are good for boosting your numbers but how do you expect them to convert to actual sales? Worst case scenario, they are bots. Best case scenario they are people who are not targeted for what you are trying to sell.

    Use some common sense.
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    Include the link in annotations and also tell your viewers to click the link.
    An action call is very important to get people to click on your links,.
    Also keep the video and offer highly relevant to each other. More you target the right audience, better will be the result.
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    In my experience, youtube will eventually catch you and you will end up with a nice banned account.

    I am not sure if this whole proccess will leave your money site unimpacted on google's serps (youtube is a google service)

    If you want to play with fire, at least do it with fake accounts.
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    Paid views and likes are often not the a quality targetted traffic for the things you are offering. In fact, you can try Facebook advertising by specifying the target interest group for your Youtube video.
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    Do not use any kind of fake views. Do give a good description and make it more easier for users. Do promote your video, so people will connect with you.
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