Is it Membermouse sure to track sales?

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Hello everyone,

I would like to ask a question hoping that somenone has had experience on this topic.

I'm an italian copywriter and i'm thinking to open a website in my country in partnership with an internet marketer.

We want to invoice throgh the company of my business partner at the beginning. Then if the business grow up we want to create a company together.

But we have a problem about how track the sales given that we have to share the incomes 50/50.

Now the problem is that: Paypal allows to have only an account for every company and this means that if my partner wants to show me the Paypal report i'm going to see also the other sales regarding his webistes.

So we are thinking about a method to protect his privacy and guarantee me to vet all the salses at the same time.

We are thinking about using membermouse but i'm not sure if memebermouse is reliable to track all the sales or i need anyway a form of double-check somehow.

Any tips or suggestions?
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