how to increase sales conversion rate?

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Hi guys! A friend of mine have very low sales conversion rate and he came today to me with a question what he should do. He is offering hosting services so I told him that maybe he could add some other 'packages' on his website but honestly i have no idea. Maybe you have some ideas?
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    You can do it with livechat.
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    If his conversions are low he might want to try to improve his offer or his sales page. He can make some split tests with different sales pages to find the best one.

    Then I agree with you, more packages and services. If he's not doing it yet, he can offer different hosting packages, just like every single hosting company does. That might give him some boost.

    He can go a step further and offer complementary services. Some small hosting companies offer design services or a website builder. If they can't make it in-house, they partner with someone that does the job.

    There's always ways to improve the conversion rate and monetization. If you can share his sales page it would be easier.

    Best of luck
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    Try optimizing the call to action button of the website. Since for hosting we may need to prominently cta the offers,packages. Hope it helps
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    When you say low conversion rates, what actually is the conversion rate? Hosting is a very competitive business, there are so many out there. Does he give good justification for using his service over anyone else's?

    From what I know a conversion rate of about 1-2% of unique visitors is generally pretty good. 3% is excellent.

    Good luck with it

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    Run campaign on various ads platform and provide the best offers to your visitors who will signup.

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    Originally Posted by raymondtusk View Post

    Hi guys! A friend of mine have very low sales conversion rate and he came today to me with a question what he should do. He is offering hosting services so I told him that maybe he could add some other 'packages' on his website but honestly i have no idea. Maybe you have some ideas?
    One of the things that he can do is offer something for free. It may be a report, an ebook. or a service. Make the person enter their email address and name - make sure to put on there that they need to enter the correct information, so you can give them the link to the product.

    This will ensure that you get a valid email address.

    If you get an email address as well, using something like Aweber, you can create a mailing to send out - but make sure that the emails you send have some kind of value. If they are just "Buy my product" the reader will just delete it and put you on the spam list.

    One of the things I did that got a daily open rate that was pretty high was to send out a quote of the day.

    After they enter their email address, go a bit further with the capture page. Move on to the product you want to sell, and if they don't bite, you can put up one of the "wait, before you go" popups and offer a smaller offer.

    The point is, you get one little yes, and build it up with bigger and bigger yesses.

    You may also go the other route - rather than the big start, you can offer a little service with upgrade options.
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      Optimize your Conversation rates with Mobile friendly Magento sites ,if your website is not optimized for mobile use, it takes time to load your page which leads to slow down website traffic (visitors) turns to the loss in sales.
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  • Well, for conversion.

    1. do A/B testing
    - preferably on multiple ad platforms/dsp then pick up from there see what does better
    2. Have a Strong Call to Action
    - having a strong CTA usually does increase conversion. I mean what good is an offer page/landing page if the user directed to it doesnt know what to do after that. the point is get your message across in a simplified but direct manner.
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    Mobile friendly sites and live chat on your website increase the sales conversation Rate.These two are best methods.
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    I am sure you must have heard about marketing automation? It is the perfect solution for such situations. Marketing automation software provide you with the marketing tools, technologies and analytics to help you understand what your customers want and then make them an offer they are unlikely to say no to. Try Fyoosion â€" it is right now the best marketing automation software available.
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    Must be used the best content , live chat and Than you will get more sell.You can search ,What do customer want?Solved this issue make good sell.
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    2 words: SPLIT TEST

    “Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it.”
    ― Dalai Lama XIV

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