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Getting a bunch of visitors on your website might make you think you must be doing something right, but site visits alone are usually not enough to guarantee the success of your business. For this reason, it is very important to make sure to get as many of those visitors to become happy and satisfied customers who will keep returning to your business, and referring it to others. There are many ways of achieving this, and the only limit is your creativity and the resources at your disposal. However, there are a few simple tips you can follow in order to convert more visitors into customers.

1) Learn what attracts people to your business
If you know why people are visiting your website, what their desires and their expectations are, then you will know what to offer them to ensure that they become your loyal customers. There are many ways of achieving this, but a very simple one would be adding a survey to your website which would ask your visitors these questions so you don't have to, or tracking their moves on your website, learning what they click on and what they ignore.

2) Live chat
Live chat provides your visitors with a fast and direct way to get all their questions answered in a short amount of time. Implementing live chat can help you communicate with your customer directly and address any issues they might have with their potential purchase, thus turning them from indecisive prospects into informed and determined customers. This is a great, simple, and cost-effective tool to turn visitors into customers.

3) Giveaways, promotions, and discounts
People love free stuff. They also love the companies that give them free stuff. If you have full confidence in your product, then a freebie now and then will entice your visitors to try other products or versions you might offer. If they are satisfied with their free sample, they will come back for the full experience. The same goes for promotions and discounts. They are likely to encourage the customers to make a purchase, since they create a feeling of gain in your customers, and make them happy about their decision. And everybody knows, a happy customer is a returning customer, which is exactly what you want.

4) Trials
If you know you have a good product that people will pay to use after they become familiar with it, offer them that chance for free. A free trial allows your visitors to familiarize themselves with the product, and see how it fits with their needs and preferences. If you are offering a free trial, make sure to show your visitors that signing up for it will not harm them in any way. You can do so by offering 'no credit card required' option or a similar method that will give confidence to your visitors that they can walk away freely if they do not like the product.

5) Limited access
Limited access is similar to trials because it gives your potential customers a taste of the product, leaving them wanting more. What is different, though is that you can design limited access to offer as much of your product as you are comfortable with before you decide they need to give something in return, while trial option is usually limited by time. This is often used for businesses that need people to register or subscribe.

6) Use logos of partners and/or other customers
It is in human nature to want what other people also desire. Often times, a confirmation of the quality of a product is simply seeing that someone else is using that product. This simple psychology fact has inspired many businesses to use logos of their partners and/or their other customers on their websites. This shows people trust the company and support their product or service. Using logos is convenient since it offers your visitors a clear and fast overview of others interested in the products or services you offer. If you decide to use logos, just make sure you have the permission of your partners and/or clients first.

7) Expand their experience
Internet has opened a whole new world of wonderful possibilities in the world of sales. However, it also has some shortcomings when compared to traditional shopping for products. One of the limitations of selling online is that the customer is limited to the visuals when deciding on the product. Luckily, technology has offered solutions for this issue too. In order to expand your customers' experience, and let them see your product from other perspectives too, you can decide to use more than just photos and product descriptions. A good way to achieve this is to create product demo videos, where your customers can get a better feeling of how the product functions, and what they can expect from it.

8) Use testimonials
As we already mentioned, people are social animals. They trust a product if other people seem satisfied with it. So, one good way to show them satisfaction of your other clients is to get them to agree to do a testimonial video/story. The best way to do so is to get your customers to create detailed, personal testimonial since they seem more authentic than short generic ones, and more likely to attract other customers. Ask your clients to share with others how did your product help them solve an issue they had, or in what ways it improved their lives.
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    Thanks for this - have you got any info on whether 'live chat' actually works.

    Also, I'd love to get an idea of the cost for live chat and what software people recommend.

    A fair few of my clients are interested in adding this functionality into their next website update and I'd love to have a better understanding of it does in fact drive lead gen or not.

    I would also suggest that a free trial would possibily convert customers, you might want to consider that too.
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    Getting testimonials is currently a challenge for me. A very little percentage of my customers respond to the emails asking for testimonials and only handful out of them share their feedback / testimonial.
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      Originally Posted by jameshammer159 View Post

      Getting testimonials is currently a challenge for me. A very little percentage of my customers respond to the emails asking for testimonials and only handful out of them share their feedback / testimonial.
      When it comes to testimonials, people need that little bit of prodding to actually do it. even though it only takes a little time, people see it as an additional effort. What works best is the personal touch. Rather than sending out a mass/generic email, customize your request for testimonials to the clients you know were most happy with your service/product. I know that sounds somewhat time consuming, but it really isn't. Remember you don't need a ton of testimonials, and quality trumps quantity.

      Personalizing doesn't take that much effort either. Use specific details in your request for testimonial - refer to the client by name if you know it, refer to the actual product or service they bought from you (rather than a generic thanks for using our website blah blah) and then tell them how a testimonial from them will help you. people are more likely to respond to mail that sounds like it's directed to them, rather than some released into the universe, hoping it lands somewhere It really works for me and I get detailed testimonial about what they liked about my service.
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    Thanks for sharing such a great information which really helpful to convert the visitors arriving in the website.
    This techniques are really work to obtain the better ROI from a website.

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    First I need to say thanks I have little question about the Online chat way.Is it practical to stay online most of hours in day.Can you suggest a option for this.
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    • Profile picture of the author aiva
      Originally Posted by HCDdaking View Post

      First I need to say thanks I have little question about the Online chat way.Is it practical to stay online most of hours in day.Can you suggest a option for this.
      Usually live chats are maintained during business hours. If you have a 24 h customer service department, you could get someone to communicate online as well.

      You can consider a live chat box that fulfills the role of immediate help/response during business hours and after that, the same chat box can email you what people ask so you can respond at a convenient time.
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    these information help you to make a good business ,it has give you wiser plans that how to create a business relationship .it would be great when the work is going through a good preparation plan .
    i have got to know some new things and how its gonna be done , thanks
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    This is great post, I also realize LiveChat is better option to convert your query into sales and yes discounts/offers always play a big role to increase your sales.
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    In the case of affiliate marketing bonuses, discount and walk through video as been walking brilliantly to convert visitors to buyers. People really love free things and when bonus relating to such is been added they find it difficult to let go such offer.
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