Need advice on how I can turn my Opt-ins into Sales.

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Hi, I drive traffic from everywhere. I'm quite confident that some of the traffic is quality however I'm still not able to get them to buy in.
The system I am using has a great funnel and lots of follow-up emails.

My question is should I send an initial email introducing myself and attempting to build rapport?

What strategies should I adopt?

Cheers in advance!
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    Firstly, a "great" funnel is one that WORKS !! So one that isn't producing sales, is, by definition, the opposite of "great"

    Secondly, since you are getting opt-ins, that presumably means you've got a list. So, why not ASK THEM . . . you could ask directly why they are not buying and what would convince them to buy. You could also ask what they WOULD spend money on and why. You could ask them what they HAVE bought recently relating to the subject of your list, and where they got it from (so you can look there and sell what they are selling, the way they are selling it).

    Thirdly, although there might be other things that need improving, if the opt-ins you're getting are not converting to sales, then it might be the opt-in process.

    For example, for getting mailing-list opt-ins from a website, the usual method is to offer them a free report or Ebook, relevant to the subject of the list, and then give them real value on the list, such as genuine tips, and useful info, as well as the occasional post about a product they can buy.

    Just telling them to buy something, without offering any value, and without them knowing you, won't get very good conversions (unless the product and it's sales-copy are outstanding).

    But if you are paying per lead, then the opposite applies. Since you pay the same whether you get a buyer or a tire-kicker, the best approach would be to qualify as much as possible. So instead of offering something for free, you'd state the price in the headline, for example.

    Another tip is that you can usually get MUCH better conversions by writing an honest, fact-based comparison of 3 products, then recommending one of them and giving the exact reasons for that recommendation, than by just offering one product to buy.

    I hope these comments give you some ideas to think about.

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    Question, How are your open rates at this point?

    Your relationship and chance for future sales with/from your list are made before they ever get the first email from you.

    Your landing page, content, etc. is 90% of your rapport builder. (arbitrary number to emphasize importance) Its where you, to the best of your ability, try to influence the prospects perception of you (credibility/authority) and what you can offer them. The other 10% comes when you close the deal and meet the expectations you've created in their minds. After that, they become far more receptive (rapport) to your recommendations as you continue the cycle.

    Setting the right expectations from the beginning creates momentum - like pushing a large rock downhill, as opposed to trying to establish rapport after the fact, which would be akin to trying to roll the rock uphill.

    I'm refering to your continuity-process. Getting it right from the beginning is critical to the success of your follow-up. There's are some very helpful, relevant posts in that link. I encourage you to read it.

    I'll try to illustrate this way: People will argue about which is better, long emails, or short, but what they don't realize is that it doesn't matter if you've already gained their trust! So I don't mean to beat the point to death, but based on how you framed your post, its my impression your funnel isn't properly setting expectations or establishing your credibility. People buy from people they trust. Its really that simple. Guess I could have just said that

    Once again, how are your open rates? ISecondly but just as important, what offers are you promoting? Perhaps the problem is there? Please remember the niche you're in is a significant factor in determining "best strategies." Its going to be different if you're in BizOp/MMO versus most other niches. Hence the conceptual jargon above
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    Since traffic are from everywhere, meaning there are some mixture of good and perhaps low quality traffic. To better optimize your ad spent and to focus on traffic that works, it is essential that you track each of the traffic campaign that you send to the funnel. if possible just run a campaign at a time and move on to the next once the first campaign completed.

    To better understand why the leads didn't buy, set up a simple questionnaire and offer a legal bribe (as a token of appreciation) for those who take part of the questionnaire. The are many possibilities why they didn't spent money, it could be that they opted-in because they are just curious of the landing page headline or some other reasons.
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    dude you definitely should introduce yourself.

    build a bridge page from optin to offer introducing you.

    then redirect them to the offer if you MUST.

    what'd be better would be to push the free line man.

    give them immediate access to their free optin & then give them a second free optin.

    be sure in that first & second free optin presell what you want them to click on/go to
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  • I agree, if you have a lot of opt-ins that does not turn into sales, you might be missing something. What I can suggest though is for you to make it sweet and simple. Give them something to try out initially, freebies, tips, and tricks, or a trial version of your product that will eventually lead to sales. Don't be afraid to ask them for a sale, you'll never know if they are just waiting.
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    Try to follow-up with your leads, ask them if they have all the information they need or if they have any questions about your product or service. Make sure to be ready with support like FAQ. Good FAQ's that answers all the possible questions your leads have can give out a favorable response.
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    I think making your email marketing noticeable and more engaging to the readers can help you with this. Most likely you have competitors that they are also taking into consideration. Make sure that your promotional tools are clever enough not to hard-sell and not too lax to just let them slip away. Communicate with your potential customers and make sure you address their needs and interests.
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  • Your issue is that you get your traffic from everywhere. I feel that its dirty traffic.

    What are you using to pull in traffic?

    Because depending on the marketing message you are using to pull in traffic, that could be hindering your sales.

    If you get people in on the list with a broad message, they wont want what you have to sell. But if you pull in prospects with a message that is mean to screen. Then that will narrow the people that are coming in that are more likely to buy what you have.

    You want a hot list, not traffic coming in from broad messages. Where the target market is the whole world...

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