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Hey guys I am new to affiliate marketing and as one of my strategies I am using Twitter. Every post with my landing page I am getting a lot of traffic but no opt ins how would you suggest I increase my conversion?

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  • No optins usually means the users who are visiting your website are not interested in the offer. May be you need to find people who tweet using your keywords. I think some tools are there too to find out these influencers etc
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    A few things to think about
    • Typically, Twitter users are not in a ready-to-buy state of mind
    • Your landing page could suck(meaning, your copy, layout etc.)
    • Your offer could suck- is what you're offering really valuable to this audience?
    • You haven't built up trust or familiarity first
    • You're targeting the wrong audience - or simply not targeting at all
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    May be the followers are not from your niche. You said you get lot of traffic from twitter but no conversation because of who likes or visit your tweets are not the people who may interested in your business services. Try to follow your niche business people and provide them what they are looking for.

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    The good thing is that you're getting traffic there! Thats a great start most aren't so lucky.

    However, the lack of opt in's usually mean a disconnect between what your opt in offer is & what they came to check out.

    Let's say for example in your share on twitter & the reason people are clicking & coming to check out is a blog post or a training video about twitter strategies for marketing.

    But your optin is about email marketing. Immediate disconnect. It provides no value based on what they're interested in in that moment.

    What you should do moving forward is when you create the info, which you are sharing on twitter, be sure that the opt in & the content are alligned...

    If people are coming to check out video marketing give an optin based on video marketing. If people come for email marketing give them an opt in based on email marketing. If people come for social strategies give them an opt in based on social marketing.

    Make sense? Individualised opt in's for specific content, whilst it will take longer, will get you the opt in's you desire & drive you up the authority & cool guy ladder for the prospect.

    Take care. Good luck. #successwithsamii
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    If you have a followers from the niche you want to then its ok to market on twitter but I have never got success on twitter regarding this
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