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by ahmar2
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I am getting into CPA Marketing with FB Ads. I want to create simple responsive landing pages for this purpose.

Here are only features I am looking for

1. Should allow to create simple landing pages (squeeze pages, yes/no survey landers, simple presell pages)

2. Should be low cost doesn't matter self hosted or not

3. Should allow A/B testing

Any recommendations?

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    I simply use Lead Pages. There are a lot of other options, including "one-time fee" software. But I have found that a lot of the major marketers use Lead Pages and because it is not simply a one-time fee, they are constantly improving. The other thing I like is that you can model your landing page after many of the already successful pages out there. I don't know, someone else will probably know something better. But since I don't have the time to play around or learn a new system, I just go with what is already working. That is Lead Pages for me.
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    I prefer Unbounce or OptimizePress, but if simplicity is key, then LeadPages is a nice option. Those pages are extremely simple to setup.
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    Leadpages will without doubt best the #1 recommended resource.

    However if you're starting out & you don't have the budget for it the low end providers do have page builders in forms options like Getresponse & Aweber that should help you out thats where I started.

    If you have the money tho definitely go with Clickfunnels! Its awesome above awesome & I can't recommend it enough.

    If you are interested in clickfunnels & guidance for it inbox me i'd be happy to help. #successwithsamii
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    Many marketers use Leadpages and without doubt is very good service and they are at the top of their field. However there is a monthly fee!

    If you are looking for page builder and cheaper solution (one-time fee) then you should give a look on Instabuilder 2.0 and OptimizePress! (You need hosting & wordpress)

    I personally use Instabuilder 2.0 because it's easy drag and drop builder with may features and also has A/B testing!

    OptimizePress also used by many Top marketers and it's a great solution too!

    Hope this helps
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    OptimizePress has delivered for me time, time, and again. However I can not stress enough how easy it is to lose money with FB Ads. Keep in mind though people are there to be entertained. But with the right approach CPA on FB can be very profitable.
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    All companies like Unbounce , OptimizePress and LeadPages offer high converting templates and an easy way to create your landing page.
    However, if you are planning to grow later your site with a blog and add more custom elements and functions, then a custom WP site would be the best solution for you. You will then be free to do without any limitation A/B testing, add polls and do almost anything you want.

    Need a high converting landing page along with a successful marketing strategy? In AtalosWeb, that's our passion!

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  • Profile picture of the author princetotem is quite good, easily customisable, modern and mobile responsive landing pages - they give a 30 day free trial.
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    You want to build for simplicity and speed. Don't let features slow you down from iterating copy.

    Check out Typeform. You can repurpose their great, hosted forms as landing pages that capture the right opt in info for your needs.

    But here's my better answer: don't think about the technology.

    Instead, spend that time to optimize for a great headline and intro paragraph.

    Whatever tech that allows you to focus and iterate your headlines and intro paragraphs is the best technology. Heck, it can even be a Google Docs page.

    Whip out something quick today that allows you to show your headline copy to people, for their rapid feedback.
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    because of the cost point you bring up i'd suggest lead pages. BUT theres no doubt about it clickfunnels is the best but. you should really consider them despite the higher cost. its a higher cost cos its by far the best in the market.
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    I have been an OptimizePress user for several years now and have created very simple and some very complex designs with it.

    The extensibility within WordPress is very good and there are a number of premade templates and designs that come with it.

    I went ahead a few years ago and purchased the developer license and renew it annually to have the ability to install it and OptimizeMember on an unlimited number of sites.

    I have tried ClickFunnels and LeadPages and they all have their benefits, but I have landed on OptimizePress being my preferred platform.
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    Hi ahmar2,

    I run an advertising agency and we build lots of landing pages for many different businesses, and I have used all of the major Landing Page tools. In addition i have trained my employees to build great performing landing pages using several platforms so I have an idea of what it takes to learn to use each platform. Here is my perspective as a power user of Landing Page builders.

    For Beginners

    Lead Pages is for beginners, it is great for someone that has no idea how to design or create a landing page nor what should go in it. They offer templates with finished designs, you just replace the content with your own. It's great for someone that wants to put minimal effort and just use the standard off-the-shelf templates. However, if you need add extra elements, or customize the layout, you can forget it. Lead pages is not for a person that want to design their own pages, nor for someone that wants to build anything themselves. You are just given a set of templates that you can use, but modifications are limited to editing content or removing elements, You cannot design or modify the layout of Lead pages templates.

    Checkout Funnel Maze Fanatics

    Click Funnels has a more flexible editor, and it allows you to build landing pages without knowing any code with an easy to use form based element editor. While certainly not the best editor for designing pages, the platform offers many pre-made templates with a lot more editing capabilities that you get with Lead Pages. Click Funnels also provides a nice interface for managing upsell and addon offers. If you want to create a complex system of upsell/downsell, cross and addons then you will find this a handy tool.

    Our Agency's Top Choice

    If you want to take landing page creation to the next level and want an excellent tool for designing and customizing high converting landing pages there is nothing comparable to Instapage. Their page editor is in a class of it's own, there simply is no easier to use page editor and it capabilities for design and layout are virtually limitless, It is a true WYSIWYG editor that uses an extremely intuitive drag and drop design editing capability that simply blows away any other Landing Page editor on the market.

    There are some limits to what you can do with Instapage, it doesn't have all of the latest front-end design widgets that are available to a someone doing hand coding of web pages, but you don't need to know how to code to use it and you can create great landing pages fast and easy and publish them instantly making it simply the best tool I have found for rapid landing page design iteration and testing. It is the number one choice for all our agency team members that design custom landing pages for our clients.

    While Instapage is an excellent choice for a landing page designer, if you have no idea how to design a page layout or simply want it done for you, it comes with a nice assortment of pre-built templates. And if those are not good enough for you can find oodles of professionally designed pre-built Instapage templates for sale on Themeforest typically in the $10-$20 price range.

    Also, worth mentioning is Unbounce. Unbounce was the first Landing Page Builder we used at our agency and it a great tool for building landing pages. It has a very flexible page editor with a WYSIWYG screen. While not as smooth as Instapage's editor, it is full featured and comes with a lot of pre-built templates and even more professionally designed templates for Unbounce are available on Themeforest.

    We used Unbounce for a long time, but once we tried Instapage we found we could build beautiful pages in a fraction of the time it took to design in the Unbounce editor. All of my employees prefer to use Instapage whenever available, and only use other platforms if the client already has an established account and does not want to switch.
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    I use InstaBuilder 2.0, and I'm very happy with it.
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    Go with InstaBuilder.

    One time fee, has all the features you want (and more), got beautiful templates and forms and beats out OP2 for sure (I have both).

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    There are many that have popped up in the last 2 years trying to get some of the market that Lead Pages or Opt press has somewhat cornered. A bit high priced for the newbies needing a decent squeeze page builder. I personally went with WP Profit Builder because of ease of use, being able to use it for web pages as well as sales, opt ins, webinar etc.. Been very happy with it and got a few sites built with it as well,
    oh yeah and it was only $67 one time fee for as many sites and pages as I want to use it for
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    I can not recommend Instabuilder 2... Support is pretty bad. Knowledgebase is almost nonexistent and I could not find any real support forum.

    "Support" responded to an issue we are having with embeded youtube videos no previewing or publishing. Response was with 24 hours, good job so far, but the email asks us to give them temp admin access to our site.

    First, this is an automated email signed Jai, no contact information or real email address, just some helpdesk bot named Suzanna Theresia. with a heldesk mailbox... keep in mind, we are not dealing with Symantec or Microsoft. Who the heck is Suzanna Theresia and why would I give her the keys to my Wordpress deployment.

    I wrote back questioning the practice and pondered--- why they would not schedule a time to work with me via a remote session. We have not heard back from Suzanna Theresia since my questions regarding timeframes and contact information.

    As an IT Consultant of 20 plus years, I could not recommend Instabuilder 2.
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    Suzanna Theresia is the creator of InstaBuilder 2. And providing access is the quickest way to diagnose what may be wrong. Another option would be to create a subdirectory wordpress install with only the plugin installed and grant access.
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    I use instabuilder 2.0 - easy to use, A/B test feature and one time fee
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    Some Landing Page Builder are as follow:
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    1. Leadpages (very easy to use)
    2. Thrive content builder
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