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Hello Friends,

Can anybody please refer me to a few helpful case studies on price points? I Googled the topic too, but I imagine many of you would have suggestions for cutting edge studies. Thank you.

Be Well,
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    As you probably already know price points are huge. And its more due to a psychological thing man.

    But here's a basic guideline & I hope it helps:

    $1-97 entry level (anyone can buy)
    $100-997 mid level (will have to be a product worthwhile to make people part with this money as its grocery, rent, power bill type money)
    $1000+ top tier products (work needs to be done for sure. this is savings/CC type money which means people really need to see, feel, hear, & believe it'll change their lives).

    Basic i know but its how i think of things after all the studying I did which honestly can create just as much confusion as help lol.

    Take care. Good luck. #successwithsamii
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