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I'm a web developer thrown into a digital marketing role so I am trying to keep my head above water.

I currently tracking leads with Google Analytics. I've created a goal to track conversions when the user hits the thank you page.


My question is, I don't see how I can find out more information about these conversions? My client gets the emails, however I'm looking for more information. Some information could be IP address & location, more detail source, etc.

Right now I just see a source and nothing else really.

What system would we recommend? The client isn't using a CRM either, is that something that would be used to track all of that info? What could you suggest?

Is there a guide / book I should get to get started on all of this? I know there are multiple parts.

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    Hey Brian

    This info is going to be hard to come by which is why you're not getting many replies.

    Honestly the only thing I can suggest is to ask them when you speak to them or ask them for info & get a free give away.

    Perhaps at the Thank you page for example offer for a quick survey to get X (whatever you can give away for almost nothing).

    This way people give info free & willingly. And you come out looking like a really cool guy for pushing that free line even after a conversion. Good luck
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