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I am pretty new to Warrior forum but I'm finding a lot of useful information. I recently released a course on Udemy and made a landing page for it with an option for 75% off if they subscribe to my email list. I've been spending 5 dollars a day on Facebook ads and getting 60-70 "claims" a week but I have not had one email subscriber or course sale this way. According to Facebook "Your ad set's cost per Offer Claim of $0.61 is less than 80% of similar ad sets". This seems to me to be a good thing but I have nothing to compare this to so I really don't know.

So does this mean my ad is good but my landing page sucks? This could very well be the case but I'd like to get some other opinions. This is the landing page if you'd like to see it.

Thanks a lot in advance!
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    Perhaps you need to do more specific targeting of audience, try a combination of different type of ads rather than just one type to find the most suitable one for your product, budget and audience.
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    Welcome Jeff!

    I've just gone through your post and landing page. For the most part - it's not so much the Facebooks failing in my opinion, it's the landing page.

    Here's what I'd recommend trying:

    - remove the subscribe section from footer. It's not loud enough. To give you some fresh-eyes perspective, I didn't even read the content of it the first few times I scrolled up and down. Simply replace this with a buy area, buying from here should go to the raw URL with no coupon applied, alternatively, should activate a pop up/modal like the below.

    - Build a subscribe modal on the landing page with a big "Subscribe And Receive 75% Off Now" <cta: subscribe now>, then redirect to the udemy course with "?couponCode=10DOLLARCOURSE", always add a "no I don't want 75% off" plain text button, this should redirect to the raw URL with no coupon applied.

    - It's a pretty "short" page. So activate the modal when the user scrolls to the bottom. Will reduce bounce rate this way.

    Change it over and run with Facebook ads for a couple of weeks, then see if you start to have conversions (and at times, more importantly email subscriber) pulling through. It could also be very much a targeting of audience that needs to be reviewed.
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      Thank you for taking a look!

      So you're saying don't even advertise the 75% off until they click on the CTA? Then prompt them with the subscription/coupon. I like the "No, i don't want [awesome deal]". I always feel guilty clicking those. Should I display the price of the course on the landing page?

      About re-targeting, the ad says "Learn android development today. Make your phone work for you". I'm targeting 16-24 year old males with the keywords "student" "Android" and "Computer science" so I would think anyone that would click on this would at least have an interest in Android. More keywords maybe?

      Sorry for all of the questions but I will definitely take your advice. Thank you so much!
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