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by Shawn Arms 5 replies
I run a website caused I was going to sell it recently on Flippa but really noticed that the traffic keeps growing exponentially every month with no effort whatsoever.

It seems like a great Niche Market.

It has gone from 1,500 Unique the first month to 4,000 the next and in its 3rd month looks like it is posed for 10,000 unique visitiors.

Hopefully it keeps growing like that.

So what do you guys think I should do to monetize the best way.

I was thinking of some clickbait type adds on the page connected to Amazon affiliates.
What do you think?
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    Have you tried monetizing with Adsense and yet? If not, you can plonk 3 each of their banners on each page, as well as popups and anchor ads too. We've earned some good buckaroos by employing both on a couple of niche sites.

    Good luck.
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    I'm not sure about monetisation, but I just wanted to comment because of your niche. I'm not surprised that your user numbers have grown so fast. If you aren't already, I'd look into perhaps Tumblr advertising or perhaps simply having a blog on there with links to your website. There is literally a HUGE number of Kpop enthusiasts on there.
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    I recommend you to Use An Ad network like tabola which offer sponsored post. You can generate a Lot of revenue with this Ad network

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    You must try the Google adsense. It is best for earning more morning. It is a good reward for your work.
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    Add a subscription form, get your visitors emails and start promoting to them affiliate products, or even better create your own products and sell them to your email list subscribers.

    Don't spend your time on products that will give you an affiliate fee of less than 40%.
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