How should I split test banner ads on my site?

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I have this wordpress "fandom" viral quiz site that is getting a few thousands visits daily. I am currently only monetizing it with CPM popunder ads, but it only makes enough to pay for the hosting, plus a little bit more.

Anyway, I put each "fandom" in it's own category, and I have put up some general (like: Make Money From Home, Numerology, Dating) banner ads with this plugin I found, and I've been getting a few clicks on those banners.

So I want to split test banners and see which works best for each category.

I do have Prosper202, and also a banner rotator plugin which allows you to set display conditions such as device type, category, OS, country etc.

Should I be tracking the country, OS etc? Or should I just simply see which works best for each category?
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    Without knowing too much about the Ad network you're using, I'd say setup two separate campaigns (on your Ad server side).

    And then set your campaign to rotate between the two Ads? That is, get them to run with a weighting of 50% each.

    I'm making the assumption that you have control over the banners themselves?

    Variant testing is a beast all in itself, but I'd see if you can begin with just two variants, don't worry about geo or other parameters, then simply see which Ad is resonating with your visitors.

    I often find creating specific Ad campaigns for different Geo's and user agents a bit of a red herring...

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