Good Conversion Tool "Autopilot Leads"-but having problems

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A year ago I bought Autopilot Leads (APL) from Barry Pascoe and Roger ?.(a dynamic never stop selling duo) from Really Successful LTD.

APL was designed to improve conversion.
After setting up your software, you put a code snippet on a website landing page which does 2 things

a) it shows a short engaging video and when that ends
b) a scripted virtual chat pops up --designed to forced action by asking for a phone or email.--which is then emailed to the client (and me).

This was working well until mid Jan when it seems to have become unstable.
Correctly set up chats are locking up and even when they are completed they are not showing up as leads and no emails are being sent.
i've tested this on 2 websites a client and my own.

Anyone else seeing this?

Anyone know of alternatives that do something similar?
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