Compressing images increased conversion rates by 56%

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Link here

TLDR, shopify's images are too bloated. One guy hosted his images on imgix (CDN that optimizes images on the fly) and over four months, found that his store's conversion rate jumped 56% and revenue increased 39%.
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    Looks like a Shopify rant when the author should be taking the blame. Resize the images offline then upload to the site/page If the images are causing a high bounce rate because they're slow loading.
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      The article actually mentions that Shopify "de-reoptimizes" images if you upload your own optimised images.

      What I wonder about is whether the original images were loaded asynchronously? Did they block the load or prevent users from taking an action? That's the only way I can imagine them having that big an impact on revenue, is if you need to download a bunch of 2mb images before you can actually buy something.

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    Visuals are self-explanatory, so more information can be grasped quickly through an image. This is the main reason that more marketers are willing to include images along with the text. Visuals break the monotony of the page and increase the interest of the viewers.
    Yes, loading time can increase the bounce rate of the website. But, if you keep light weight images on your page, then the website speed will increase.
    As far as conversion rate is concerned, visual plays a very vital role. I was recently going through an informative infographic on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) on Techmagnate blog, where apart from mentioning the importance of visuals and CRO, they have given the opportunity to Visually Learn How to Optimize Conversion Rate of Your Website 2017.

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    Awesome info! Thanks. I will consider to compress images on my sites.

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