Need some feedback for my Website. Conversion rate optimisation help.

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Hi Warriors,

I was looking to get some feedback as to where I could improve my website to get more conversions.

The site

The site gets a fe hundred visits per month and i'm hoping I can optimise it to get better conversions.

Many thanks .
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    1st. I like the Search block in your home page.
    2nd. There are too many products and blocks in your home page. I can't really browse through it. Your home page is the place where your visitor should get tempted to browse through the rest of your site. I would remove everything under the Search block and add 3 blocks that would redirect the visitors to the pages I would want them to go: my blog, my shop and the reviews.
    3rd. Consider removing all your Adsense ads from the homepage. Instead, you should have them added in your Blog.
    4th. Your subscription form should appear in your homepage after 5-10 secs.
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    thanks for the feedback Mark.

    I forgot to delete my browser history and didn't realise that Adsense was so distorted. After you mentioned it, I saw it another browser and see what you mean.

    I like the idea of the 3 blocks, but I don't really have a shop at the moment so the homepage with only 2 blocks looks to empty.
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    I see two main issues.

    1. On your landing page their is no product showcased. People sometimes visit a site just to see what cool products are out there, not necessarily looking for a specific products.

    2. There is no price shown on your products. I think price is easily one of the decisive factors when people decide to buy anything, so by not showing the price the users simply won't bother through your catalog as long as they don't know what the prices are.
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      Hey Cristy,

      Thanks for your feedback.

      I like your logic on the prices.

      I'm trying to figure out a way I can get live pricing to be showcased on all products.
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    Similarly, when you utilize the data obtained from CRO testing to make decisions about changes on your site, you'll find that you obtain better results from these changes. If you change the color of a button because testing has proved 5% more visitors click it, you'll get at least that 5%--versus an unknown amount of conversions from changes made without testing.
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    There are a few things that I see that could be improved.

    1) De-Clutter the navigator menu. Direct the customer to your shop/products.

    2) Showcase products in header (where search bar is) and include a strong CTA w/ a "Shop Now" buttom

    3) Create a shop gallery showcasing all products.

    The biggest problem I see is navigation. It is very difficult to find products. Removing the barrier between your product sales pages and your other pages is essential.

    Overall advice: Simplify and reorganize.
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    If you could provide a little context on the temperature of the traffic you're driving to this page, I believe i could help you with your copy.
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      Landing Pages
      the homepage has around 102 sessions till date for the month.
      86 new users.
      pages / session - 4.33

      Behaviour Flow
      Landing page - 103 sessions
      drop offs - 66 % (68)
      through traffic - 34% (35)

      I take it this is what you mean by temperature of traffic.
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    Frankly, I liked your website home page with the search bar in the middle. And when I go to the product page, there's a lot of information in the form of a review.
    Honestly, how many would go through the entire review? I think it would be easier for people to just check the ratings, ask a couple of questions which they have in mind and after confirmation, "Buy".

    According to me, what you need to do is to install a live chat software on your website. You can answer the queries in real-time which can increase your conversion. Here's the google query for live chat software(if you need)
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    Hello Singh,

    Personally I feel that a lack of focus is killing your conversion. There are too many things to pick, too many things to read, too many things that ask for your attention in the same manner.

    Put yourself in the shoes of your prospect. She wants to know which is the best product / the cheapest product / the most reliable product. Start with these and then give her the option to see more, but don't have 10 products on your home page, all competing for attention and confusing the heck out of your prospect when you can have three that actually matter.

    Plus, when all products are good, none is good. Create some contrast, don't give 4 and 5 stars to everything.

    Thank you,
    Razvan Rogoz
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    You can increase the traffic on your website through affiliate marketing, by running campaigns on CPV, CPS model, if you want instant traffic then I would suggest you run on CPV model which promote brand awareness, and I am sure soon you will get the organic traffic as well. And if you are conflicting in choosing an ad network, I may suggest you go for admitad. it is an international affiliate network.
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    Originally Posted by ripinder Singh View Post

    Hi Warriors,

    I was looking to get some feedback as to where I could improve my website to get more conversions.

    The site

    The site gets a fe hundred visits per month and i'm hoping I can optimise it to get better conversions.

    Many thanks .
    Nice site & content. I like the buying guides.

    What I don't see is an opt-in form to capture leads. Getting them there took effort, and that's wasted if they go away and never come back. Your main headline after "Welcome to our site" can be adapted for the opt-in copy. I would do this with a annoying as they are, they're effective and I've had to accept that.

    Be wary of words and phrases like "shall" (usually only seen in engineering specifications in North America) and "the view of". Nothing 'wrong' with either of these, but they tell me the writer is not from North America because that's not how we speak. I know from the comparison tables that you are charging in Pounds, so this may not be an issue but I would consider who you want visiting and what their expectations are. Make sure the wording matches.

    Traffic quality is another issue. You can get visitors but if they're not the right fit they're worthless to you. Developing a baseline with the opt-in form should help you see how good or bad that quality is.
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    Great information about conversion rate optimization. Now i have a clear idea about it.
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    Your website's conversion rate is very low according to me. So you have to work more for that.
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    The website is simply nice as other websites but you should make it as a unique one.
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    There is no much feedback to give about your website, because already it is running great with all procedure.
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