Is there a way to monetize incoming traffic without ads/banners?

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We have a community-driven site that I am running out of pocket currently. One of our positions is to be a trustable community, and as such, ad-free(or at least the appearance of being ad-free).

With that said, are there any ways I can monetize the site without inundating our viewers with banners and offers?
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    Without knowing your niche or community, a few generic ideas come to mind.

    1. Paid memberships. You can offer extra perks, bonus content, additional features, exclusive groups, etc for "premium accounts"
    2. Cleverly styled text ads that match your website design under a section titled "From the Web" or "Sponsored"
    3. Sponsored Posts. Reach out to companies who would benefit from your audiences' attention. Offer paid spots at the bottom of articles with a short thank you message and elevator statement about the company and why they're interested in what your building / writing about / doing.
    4. If your site allows users to create posts, allow users to pay to boost them.
    5. Footer affiliate links to truly value-add services related to your niche. ie. If your website community discusses how to build websites, include a link to a hosting provider reseller account.
    6. Follow Reddit's lead and allow sponsors to pay for "server time", and offer them a thank you message or post somewhere on the site.
    7. Discounts. Contact relative companies with affiliate offers to see if they would provide a unique coupon code for you. You'd earn commission on the sale and your customers would be able to get the product/service for less than they could on their own.

    Obviously quite a few of these solutions require a significant amount of web development, so these might not all be practical. Heck, they might not even apply to your business model! Tough to tell, but I'm happy to provide guidance where I can
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