How can I model THIS sales copy?

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Hey guys,

I'm writing a fitness long form sales letter for a client.

He sent me a link to this sales page:

and wanted me to model it.

But I have no clue about how the sales page was designed.

I know I'm supposed to model the wording, copy structure and
market jargon but I'm SO curious to know how I could design

such a sales letter myself. Do I need to know any fancy web design
software (or coding)?

This is a question oriented to the modern copywriter.

Thank you very much,

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    I think it's a fair assumption that most modern copywriters have some basic HTML/CSS skills and Markdown.

    With regards to the long form sales letter, are they expecting you to just write the sales letter OR are they expecting a complete sales page rewrite?

    From what you're suggesting that it's just the long form sales letter, the content for benefits and reason to the program is all on that page. What I see lacking however, is the concept of a problem or 'what the kinobody program is the solution for'.

    Not sure what level of copywriting you're at, but considering that this feels like it's driven more towards the younger market: Dive, survive and sell in copywriting is pretty common because it's known to work.

    Dive into a problem / multiple problems and expand, some examples could be:
    - Are you training but not seeing results?
    - Have you lost motivation because of the long winded training that's just not pushing you?
    - How's that New Years Resolution going?
    - That last 4% of body fat makes the biggest visual difference

    Deep dive here if you want with intro to POI:
    - That's exactly what Greg did. He quit it all. He quit the gym. He quit CrossFit. He quit everything.

    Survive with a solution:
    - But the one thing Greg didn't give up - was hope. He knew that there's a 'fix' out there to achieve the Adonis body only the Hollywood Elites could achieve. So what did he do? He researched the science, trained with metal and applied his adaptive knowledge into one streamlined program to achieve the pinnacle of physique.

    Sell the heck out of it with targeted FOMO or motivational:

    - You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. What are you waiting for?
    - Get Instant Access Now (we can thank Perry Belcher for this one)
    - Thinking about starting won't ever give you the satisfaction of achieving something. That's why you need to start today. Say it out loud, sign up and get started now.
    - This is the complete A-to-Z of redefining yourself. (value selling)

    I'd provide the long form copy first as a text file, then if they as for HTML or a Markdown friendly version do you go through the process of adjusting. If you're using Microsoft Word, there is an extension to export as HTML file which their developers can use.

    Regarding the coding aspect:

    If you're looking for something quick / simple / free - go to and try their HTML/CSS course. It's free and should take about 1-2 hours to get used the essentials you'll need (for now).
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    From the sourcecode it looks like the page you are to medel was built in wordpress. Most likely a custom theme was used, though I didn't take the trouble to find out. There are pages where you type in an url and they tell you what wp theme was used.
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