How do I create a CTA landing page type form within a page?

by Murkr
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Hey guys,

I've been searching online for the past two hours trying to determine how to create or find someone to create a landing "type" page for me, but I can't find an answer.

What I want to do:
okay, so I have a page on my website that I'm creating and I want to have a landing page type image "above the fold" on the page. I'm not trying to turn the entire page into a clickfunnel type looking landing page with little content. I just want a single image with a contact form inside of it, exactly like this:

I want the CTA form to go within the green square I outlined here:

Is this even possible to do? or will i just have to make the entire thing an image of a form, then when they click it, go to my contact page.

I tried fiverr, i tried typing in "CTA banners", "CTA forms" but didn't really see anyone doing what I wanted. any suggestions?
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    Probably the easiest way it would be to add that image above your sign up form inside aweber or whichever auto responder you're using and then copy the code and place it back inside your site. Are those buttons in your image clickable?
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      I don't think that will look good unless I'm not picturing it correctly.

      I want the image and signup to be "above the fold" like in the picture. Preferably all within that green box I outlined. Is that even possible to do, without having to make custom code?
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    I will suggest you to use Landing page designing tool for A/B testing - "LeadPages". This tool provides different templates to create your own landing pages. Let me know in case of any query.
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      Can one of those "leadpages" landing pages be added to a wordpress page? EG: Can i create one of those landing pages then just add it to the green box I selected? or is it an entire page that cannot be put on an already established webpage? I'm not %100 sure what all landing pages can do sorry for noob questions.

      If that can't be done. I was thinking of making it just an image that "appears to" have a signup area. Then when people click it I can send them to a "LeadPages" -- that is, if leadpages cannot be added to an already established page.
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    Those are very simple opt-in forms and you can find plenty of templates on fiverr and PLR sites. Try searching for opt-in forms or squeeze pages instead of CTA forms.

    If you want someone to create a specific one for you search fiverr for "create opt-in page". There are loads of gigs.

    If you understand a bit about html and css you could just look at the html code behind the form to see how it is done. Right Click and view Page Source.
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      Hell yeah man! I think this was the answer I was looking for

      I will start my search now
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      yup this was it, thanks
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    I prefer clickfunnel for landing page but allw ork good
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    Our team at Aiva Labs is focused on helping entrepreneurs like yourself tackle this problem! With our design tool, you could create this exact campaign which overlays your existing website within minutes, without coding, for free. Message me and we can chat more about creating a well-converting campaign!
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    The really easy way to do what you're looking for is to use pro software like Unbounce or LeadPages.

    It's as simple as click and drag into place and you'll also be able to run multiple variations of your landing page to determine a winner.
    GoGoChimp , 8 Cheviot Dr, Newton Mearns, Glasgow, G77 5AS, Tel: 0141 576 4302
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    If you are using WordPress. The easiest way to do it is install Beaver Builder or a theme like DIVI from Elegant Themes. Both have really easy to use visual page builders that you can do anything with. Plus a ton of premade templates for free and marketplaces with cheap page templates. Just Google it.
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