How to Monetize 5k Visitors Per Day

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I have a website that specializes in Game Rules. It receives on average 5000 visitors per day with keyword traffic related to the specific rules individuals are searching for. I currently am monetized with adsense, which is earning~$500 per month, and Amazon Affiliate, which earns 2-3$ per month, except in Nov-Dec when it earns about $50-100.

My question is, how can I make more money out of this traffic? I feel like it could be earning more, but I don't even know where to begin. The site was something I created and grew myself, but it was always just a small side project unrelated to my day to day work life. That is, I don't have a lot of knowledge about IM except for what I learned about Adsense creating this site.

If it was your site, what would you do to try and monetize the traffic further?
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    1. Add an optin form to get subscribers.
    2. Email them on weekly basis with ads about games either from CPA networks or from other sources.
    3. Sell ad space to sites with games.
    4. Increase the number of my visitors, by getting traffic from paid sources (FB ads, Twitter, etc.)
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    You can try buysellads to find advertisers for your traffic or you can try a ad network like Tribaladnetwork.
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    That is a pretty good amount of traffic and you could definitely increase your earnings from the site. I would build and email list, join some large affiliate networks and start promoting offers every week.
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    But a donation button in you website so that your fans will support you with some extra cash
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  • Site niche is very good. You can search on Google, affiliates related to game. There are many such companies who offer $5 to $10 per click. You can also find such keywords related to website which has high cpc and try to get rank with google content. You will be getting high CPC in adsense too. You can earn here double or tripple.
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    You can sell banner space ad too, for monthly or yearly subscription. How about that
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    Here i will give you the best and important 3 methods through which you can monetize your website.
    Placing keywords in your site's content
    Using Google resources for monetizing
    Promoting your website
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    Tribaladnetwork is something very new for me. I have no idea about this application.
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    Buysellads are the the best thing you can use. Through this you can easily manage your account.
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    I'd say finding a way of getting them to come back more than once. Whether that's through capturing their email address, retargeting with paid ads or something as simple as setting up a free forum. Keep people engaged, your ads will be shown more often which should equate to making more money from the site.
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    Tribaladnetwork is not a new thing, it is very famous tool for monetizing the website. So many of the users are using it.
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    Yes many are using it but, what is the special feature in it??? What kind of better things it can do?
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    Yes i am also using tribaladnetwork for monetizing the website. It is really working great for me.
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    Is there anything different tool available for monetizing the visitors!!!. I just need some other tool.
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    A website serving an average of 15 pages per visit, each with 2 ad units and an impression CPM of $5 would therefore earn $30 per 5000 visits.

    CTR : The majority of AdSense bids are per click, so the Click Through Rate of your ad units has a huge impact on revenue performance.
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