5 Things That Can Boost Your Conversions!

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Here are 5 things that can help you boost your conversions and earn time that you can convert to money:
1. Remember what everyone says: "The money is in the list"
Do not expect to earn only by the products that your visitors purchase. Add optin forms somewhere above the fold, check how they look both in your desktop and mobile, and retarget them through your email list. Don't have money to set up your list? Mailchimp is offering some great free plan.
2. A/B test everything
Find a good testing tool, and test everything --from the color of your buttons, to your pricing, your landing pages, everything! If you are looking for the best FREE a/b testing tool, start from Google Optimize.
3. Don't over-optimize
This is a huge mistake many people do. Don't forget that your visitors are real people who visit a website. If your site is filled with optin forms, ads and/or products, all you will achieve is to send them away from the first page they visit.
4. Don't lose time for SEO
Forget SEO, forget free traffic, forget anything that you need to spend time to set up. Choose a subject that you like, create a Blog, start writing articles --keep them over 1,000 articles, add an SEO plugin and optimize your articles according to its instructions-- target some long-tail keywords and don't lose any time for any other SEO task. I always present SEO to my students as a real "mind and time-killer". Instead, spend time on your professional development, spend time for plugins and themes that can help you improve your conversions, increase your knowledge. Looking for a good, SEO plugin? Start with Yoast!
5. Pay attention on the following...
i. Loading time: Check your site with Gtmetrix and make it load in less than 3 seconds, or you will be losing traffic. Tons of Traffic!
ii. Your landing pages: Choose a theme with built-in landing pages or other templates. Use them to add your new products. In most cases, these built-in templates will save you more time. Instead of spending money in any other task, spend them to get a good, reliable, quick loading theme.

Hmmm... if there is anything else that you are doing to increase conversions, go ahead and add it below. I'll be more than glad to read it.
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    These are good suggestions mate ... truly good suggestions.

    There's a problem though - not with your suggestions but with the entire approach to CRO.

    CRO is more than making small tweaks to boost conversion like changing the font of your headline or using a special order box. CRO is directly tied into copywriting and salesmanship as a whole.

    You can't separate them nor should you.

    This is why the first, the foremost, the big daddy advice of conversion rate optimization is to be PERSUASIVE.

    I'm saying this because I see all these tips online on how to squeeze a small improvement here ... a small improvement there but if the copy is not good, it is like putting lipstick on a pig.

    You can put lipstick, you can take the pig to a fancy Beverly Hills saloon, you can dress the pig in a Dior but it's still a pig and it is still ugly as f*ck.

    The same is true with CRO. To achieve optimization which generally means an improvement, you must have a foundation to improve to begin with. If your copy sucks ... if your email sucks ... if your VSL unsells people ... then all the CRO in the world will not save it.

    At the core of any campaign is the ability to persuade and to get someone who doesn't know you, doesn't care about you, think that you're ugly and wants you away from his or her life to give you money for a product he can't even touch.

    It is an uphill battle. It is like that beautiful girl at the bar that sees you coming from 20 feet away and says "no!" Before you open your month. But through proven copywriting which is based on practical conversion principles (Cialdini is a great resource on this) you overcome that initial resistance and actually make the sale.

    Only then ... only after there's an argument that can work it makes sense to do CRO and most of the above. If your copy doesn't sell because your copy doesn't make sense - nobody gives a damn about loading time. They'll just load the page faster, realize it's of no interest to them and leave the site faster. The same is true with A / B testing. You can have ten split tests and you can use the fancy multi-variate, machine learning assisted split-testing but if those variations are not persuasive, you still end up broke.

    So my advice when it comes to CRO is that lipstick on a pig doesn't make the pig look like Marlyn Monroe. It makes the pig look like a pig with lipstick. Make sure you haven't got a pig and then focus on the above.

    Speaking of which ... I think I'm going to prepare myself some bacon, all this pig talk made me hungry.

    Your friend,
    Razvan Rogoz
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      Razvan, How much copywriting do you use in your Home Page? If your sales page takes 15 seconds to open how many sales are you going to make? I will tell you: NONE, ZERO, NADA!!!

      I've created hundreds (Read that again: HUNDREDS) of sales pages and thousands (THOUSANDS) of websites for over 500 of clients, and I can tell you this: copywriting is just one tool to achieve the goal to increase your conversions.

      Plus, the huge majority of the Copywriters are selling nothing: they charge a lot, they always deliver less than they promise, they don't finish in any time deadline (acting like artists --yes, I've heard that, too: "Copywriting is an art"!!!), and it's always so hard to make the money you spend for their copy.

      I repeat: This comes from my experience, which is simply HUGE (check how many years I have in the WF and how many posts I have, compere them with yours, and you might get an impression on with whom you are talking).

      So, to sum up: To increase your conversions in your website/home page/sales page/landing page/squeeze page, or whatever, follow the 5 steps described above, and you're done. If you can find a damn-good copywriter, hire him, but do this after you are sure about the steps described in the beginning.
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    Yes, completely agreed with this suggestions. These considerations will definitely enhance conversion rate.
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    Thank you very much for your good suggestions. Hope it will very helpful for us.
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    Very Good suggestions. I had tried a/b testing and it work for me. Even it's being very helpful for me to know the user behavior on my website.

    After all of this, you will need to make your website more attractive and engaging. For which, you can run contest on your website.
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    I would add that when you are A/B testing, don't get caught up in minutiae that aren't going to move that needle. Don't be afraid to make big changes that, based on your research, will have a resounding impact on your audience. And if you're not sure -- TEST.

    But don't fret about changing your button color from green to blue or get caught up in stuff like that. Do the tests that will make the most impact for your bottom line.
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    These are good suggestions. I agree on "not overoptimizing," but not on forgetting SEO though. SEO and CRO complement each other in a way. Google SERP is user-centered. So it is best to be equipped with both SEO-focused and CRO-focused page where the information matches the user's search and enhances their experience by giving solutions to their problems. You got to put a lot of effort to that.

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    The conversion rate for any website just works great. Here, are few most popular ways that can always help you the increased conversions and profits.

    • Make your calls actionable
    Your call-to-action page should be unique and attractive with prominence visibility. The tabs should be well defined and arranged so that users can take quick actions and they could be immediately converted to leads.

    • Make the process simple
    If sales process would be so much complicated then users can skip out. The best idea is to keep it simple so that leads can be created and converted faster.

    • Main headings or tiles should be catchy
    The strength of main titles or heading may make or break your leads. You are advised to hire a content writer to keep the words compelling and impactful. Also, make it clear words should be catchy not so tough that people are checking dictionary all the time.

    • Try to include samples or live streaming sessions
    Take an example, if you are selling a software product then try to include samples or use live streaming options to attract a wider audiences worldwide. The visuals always make the selling process easier and faster.

    • Don't go overboard
    This is always important for you not to go overboard by adding fleshy or abstract designs. Always use the designs and content that is simple, unique and attractive.
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    You need to have all your ducks in a row. Take every useful tip in the thread and use every single one of them. Then go out and find more useful tips. I don't use much copy on my website but then again the products sell themselves.

    If you don't look at this => Really Funny Shirts <= you missed something in life

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    Im relatively new at affiliate marketing. Started with Clickbank. I have to say I am duly unimpressed. I have: a high quality, good size website with over 12000 subscribers (a Family/lifestyle magazine) I've been turned down by many Companies that has any true credibility. (Lowes, etc.which was shocking considering 4,823 subscribers are active Gardeners) I've even been turned down for even green juice!! Also, turned down by BuySellAds for any product that was from ClickBank. So, as a test I bought newspaper ads. While I realize getting the email addy is imperative for marketing, I wanted to whether this was my Click Funnels, my ad copy, in essence, my fault! I placed banners and newspaper ads traffic straight to "ClickBank University and 2 more of their products....Not one conversion! This to me says something!
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  • Profile picture of the author cdbinvllc
    I followed step by step to perfection the plan through ClickBank University.. professionals built my site professionals built my landing pages and when that didn't work I put the link straight to their offer. $1,500 and not one conversion later here..we sit. I think I have a brilliant beyond brilliant idea. I think I should start doing reviews.. Those get an awful lot of hits and an awful lot of people listening to them. I think I was going about it all wrong I think this will be the way to go!
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    This was really a great suggestion for booting the conversion. Surely am going to try these five things.
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